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As the concrete experts, we understand that there are many different factors which will influence the concrete products Melbourne that you choose. Laying concrete is a job which is achievable for the home handy man, as well as for qualified tradespeople. However, it is important to have some knowledge of the strength, aggregate, wetness and size of concrete which is appropriate for the job at hand.

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Concrete strength ranges from 15mpa through to 100mpa. This is clearly a huge range and so it is very important that you are confident of the strength of concrete that you require for the task. The following guidelines are the industry standards:

  • 20mpa & 25mpa is most commonly used for House slabs, Foundations, Driveways and Footpaths.
  • 32mpa & 40mpa is most commonly used for Suspended Slabs, Car Parks or high volume vehicle traffic areas.
  • 50mpa and above has been designed and requested by engineers for high rise buildings and other special applications.

You can also choose the aggregate, or the size of the grain, which is available from 7mm to 20mm in premixed concrete. As well as functional considerations, concrete decisions should also consider how the end product will look. While concrete is naturally grey, there are a number of ways that you can alter the shade and colour. Colour oxide added to the mix will achieve this.

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Slump is a term used to measure the wetness of concrete, and it is important that you order the correct slump for your intended purpose; otherwise there are risks of uneven pouring, premature cracking and excessive drying times. The most standard slump for concrete is 80, which is how you would expect concrete to be delivered if no special slump is specified. With Concrete Sales, the slump can be ordered between anywhere 20 and 180, with 20 being extremely dry and 180 being extremely wet. Our professional team is able to offer estimates of the slump that would best suit your job over the phone, however in professional situations the recommended slump, along with strength and aggregate size should all be specified in the building or engineer plans.

Despite its reputation as being a somewhat drab building material, building professionals appreciate that concrete is actually a very dynamic and advantageous product. There plenty of subtle and not so subtle differences between different types of concrete, and making the wrong decision could spell disaster for your building project. Contact the knowledgeable and responsible concrete products provider in Melbourne and premixed concrete Melbourne provider today by ringing Concrete Sales on 1300 CONC SALES.

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