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About Us

Australian Dentists Clinic are trusted nation-wide to provide high quality, affordable dental care to all of its clients. At the core of our mission is the firm belief that every Australian is entitled to a consistent, friendly and professional local dentist who cares for all their oral needs. What has made Australian Dentists Clinic’s growth possible is the faith our patients have in our expertise; no matter which branch you visit, you will leave our offices fully satisfied and keen to return.

Our Box Hill dental clinic is no different. Here, we service patients from all walks of life. From young professionals, to schoolchildren, to senior citizens, we have all the tools necessary to resolve any problem you could possibly have.

Increasingly, Australian Dentists Clinic – Box Hill is becoming the dentist of choice due to our outstanding patient care and reputation for affordable dental care. Our opening hours make us accessible to all people, regardless of how busy you are with work, social or family commitments. We service people of all ages, so we are an ideal local dentist for families living in and around the Box Hill area, who can easily reach our dental clinic by public transport.

The importance of developing a strong, consistent relationship with a dentist cannot be overstated. We ensure that our dentists are friendly and communicative, as well as knowledgeable, so that you feel no hesitation in returning to our offices for your half yearly check up or other treatments. With our help, your teeth can be as healthy as they have ever been. All it takes is a quick call on (03) 8547 9556
Alternatively, just head to our website -
and book an appointment online in only a few clicks.

What we offer
Australia Dentists Clinic aims to make itself as accessible as possible. We don’t think it matters who you are, where you come from or how much money you have; you deserve the best treatment possible. Australian Dentists Clinic – Box Hill offers different deals and services to ensure this:

New and returning customer deals
We are currently offering special promotions for customers trying us out for the first time. Normally, our dental check ups cost a low $80; however, new patients can save $20 if they book now. Similarly, returning customers can receive a $750 teeth whitening treatment for half price. Australian Dentists Clinic – Box Hill understands that the costs of going to the dentist can dissuade people from booking an appointment. With these special promotions, we hope to encourage Box Hill based residents to experience what we have to offer as well as reward returning patients for their loyalty.

Payment options
To make sure our services are affordable to the people who need them most, Australian Dentists Clinic – Box Hill accepts different reduced payment options. We offer:

• Bulk billing to individuals and families covered by the Child Dental Benefits Schedule
• Student discounts
• Senior discounts

Specialty services
Our dentists have vast experience in dealing with the oral issues that can come with age. We strive to make our offices and dental studios available and welcoming for the elderly. If you are a senior citizen, we recommend booking with one of our specialist dentists between the hours of 11am and 2pm; that way, we can give you the time and attention necessary to deal with whatever oral need you have.

Australian Dentists Clinic – Box Hill, situated in the heart of the Box Hill, is well aware that Box Hill is a vibrant hub of multicultural activity. Feedback from our patients has indicated that it can be difficult to find a local dentist if English is not the patient’s first language. Communication is too difficult and dental problems can become lost in translation. To ensure that our services are as accessible as possible, dentists at our clinic can speak a combined total of ten different languages. Upon making contact with our offices, our staff will connect you with someone who can speak your language so that you can access the treatments you need.

Where you can find us

We are the dentist of choice for professionals and students working and studying in the Box Hill area. We understand how busy people are so we take the fact that we are so popular with employees and students as a compliment; these groups of patients trust us to see them and carry out procedures quickly and easily so that they are not interrupted or delayed.

As much as we love and appreciate all of our patients, Australian Dentists Clinic – Box Hill places great value on the trust we have built with individuals and families in our local community. Residents of Box Hill rely on us to carry out their general and cosmetic dental needs affordably and with a smile. We are only a short walk or tram trip from Box Hill, so we encourage locals to come down and meet our friendly team.

Why you should pick us
What separates us from the rest? As much as we value great, friendly service, Australian Dentists Clinic – Box Hill stands be judged for its impeccable dentistry. At our offices, we have the expertise and cutting-edge technology to cover every dental need you could possibly have. We know how frustrating it can be to make an appointment with your dentist only to have them send you to another clinic for some other treatment, and so on. We have made it our mission to ensure that this does not happen.

Cosmetic services

We offer cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening and veneers, for those who are looking to take their smiles to the next level. Our quick and simple procedures will leave you with the sparkling smile you need to make your first impressions count.

General services

We offer general preventative dentistry. Dental experts recommend that Australians, young and old, should have two check ups and cleans per year. Our dentists are well equipped to conduct these simple but tedious appointments efficiently, making sure you can get back to doing what you want quickly. Similarly, we have specialty dentists who can perform follow up treatments on cavities and other small issues before they spiral into larger problems.

Emergency services

We offer emergency dentistry. Disaster can strike at any time. That is why our residential neighbors, such as our friends in Box Hill, require a committed and available dentist ready to lend an expert hand. We always leave some of our studios and dentists free for knocked or chipped teeth. Make us your first port of call for when crisis hits and we will never let you down.

When you can see us

As we’ve said before, Australian Dentists Clinic – Box Hill puts great emphasis on accessibility.

It’s tough to make time to go to the dentist, so we have endeavored to keep our offices open as long as possible to cater for all our patients. Weekends are perfect for locals living in the Box Hill area when school and work isn’t a concern. Weekdays before and after work and school work fantastically with the schedules of professionals and students. We have room and time for everyone.

And the word on the street is…
Our patients always leave our offices with gleaming smiles on their faces. We always work to improve our offices based on the feedback we get and we are especially proud of the compliments we receive. We are particularly appreciative of the reviews we get from Box Hill residents; as members of their local community, we want to help deliver oral health services to every mouth we can.


Suite 18 / 32 Arnold Street
Box Hill, Victoria, 3128
Phone: (03) 8547 9556



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