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Kitchen Design Academy Online is open to anybody wanting to upskill, specialize or switch to kitchen design, anyone willing to pursue a kitchen-design career, anyone wanting to change their everyday life and become something they always dreamed of: a kitchen designer! It is glamorous, fun and well paid. 

To be a valuable provider of professional education and training for kitchen designers, both locally and internationally.
Mission Statement
Kitchen Design Academy Online acknowledges the importance of the kitchen in today’s living and its part in human development. Kitchen represents more than a room or an area designed for preparing and cooking food, it is part of our culture, tradition and life philosophy. A modern kitchen is a central point of the house where we create, express, communicate, entertain, meet and enjoy life, family and friends.

Kitchen Design Academy Online prepares and up skills professionals for careers in kitchen industry as designers and kitchen planners. Specialized kitchen design skills and knowledge are developed through the learning program. The content of the program is written with respect to industry standards, requirements and values. Graduates will contribute to an increased quality of kitchen design and ultimately to the quality of life itself.

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  • Kitchen Design Academy Online Education Photo
  • Kitchen Design Academy Online Education Photo

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If you require more information please phone 0449052599 or visit our website. All profile related content remains the sole property of Kitchen Design Academy Online.

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