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Keyba Careers has developed a short, online course to better prepare our young people in Australia for the workforce. 

This crash course will teach young people to be more street-smart when seeking and applying for the right job for them. 

It teaches them exactly what employers are looking for in today's market, giving them a competitive edge that will assist them to take that all-important first steps in attaining a job.  

The program has been developed from an employer's point of view through our experience working closely with countless organisations throughout our eleven years in business at Key Business Advisors (the parent company), and understand a different side to the recruitment process, which is our point of difference. Go to our website to download the program today and accelerate your chances of landing your dream job!

For organisations seeking motivational speakers for students and parents on what our young people need to do to get a job in today's market, contact us today on 03 9325 5900!

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  • Keyba Careers Education Photo
  • Keyba Careers Education Photo
  • Keyba Careers Education Photo

Empowering Young People to be Prepared for the Interview and Get a Job of their Choice

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