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are dedicated to providing high-quality family law legal advice and legal services.  As skilled family lawyers, we listen to our clients and their needs first, then we advise and then we solve family law problems.

Through excellence in the practice of family law, we resolve family disputes and issues to bring about amicable and favourable outcomes by weighing both the financial and non-financial cost of proceedings and ensuring our clients are informed and can make a truly wise decision on how to resolve their family law matter whether divorce, property settlement or parenting disputes.

Our family lawyers are available to meet at three locations across Melbourne and Greater Melbourne including:

- Level 19, 180 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Vic

- Level 10, 14 Mason Street, Dandenong Vic (attendance by appointment only)

- 18 Main Street, Pakenham Vic

We are skilled in the practice of all areas of family law including:

When a marriage has broken down irretrievably, the parties to the marriage will at some point approach a and seek to apply for a divorce or complete their own divorce.  A good divorce lawyer can help guide people through the requirements of a divorce.  Further, a good divorce lawyer can contact the other party which is important if the parties do not want to interact.

Provided a person is eligible for a divorce, a family law court will grant a divorce decree bringing about an end to the marriage.  A divorce signifies the end of the couples vows to each other.  The parties then have a time limitation of 12 months to commence family law property settlement proceedings or apply for an out of time application.

In a family law property settlement, both parties or one party wants to divide the property between them and then severe the legal relationship whether the family law rights arise from a marriage or de facto relationship.

A family law property settlement considers a range of important factors to bring about a fair division of property.  With a good family lawyer, you can ensure that your contributions including financial and non-financial contributions are recognised, that your future needs and recognised and that any disparities to contributions or future-needs are fairly considered.

A major component of a family law property settlement involves identifying the property and its ownership whether that be legal ownership, equitable ownership or ownership in reversion.  This can include houses, cars, shares, investments, trust funds, business and much more.  The parties to a family law property settlement need to agree on the value of the property or have the property valued.

With a good family lawyer who can assist you with property settlement, you can get your settlement done right, fair and in most cases without unnecessary stress and dispute.  Contact our family lawyers on 1800 976 214 for a 30 minute free consultation to receive property settlement general advice and options from a good family lawyer.

When parents separate, they should always act in the best interests of the children.  A good family lawyer will always tell you that the law recognises that children have the right to maintain a meaningful relationship with their parents.  This means that unless there is family violence or child abuse, subject to practicality, parents should make arrangements that allow children to have the full benefit of the love, support and guidance from both parents.

A good parenting lawyer also knows that disputes between parents do regularly happen and that there can be legitimate reasons to withhold a child from another parent if there are concerns about the child's safety and welfare.  At times like this, our top family lawyers provide high-quality family law advice to our clients so they can keep their children safe, but also understand and comply with the duties and responsibilities as parents.

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