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Top Rated Pet Shops in Blackburn North. MyCraftyDog makes "Adopt Me" jackets and other handmade crafts to support rescue dogs...View Listing

    Hand Raised Parrots
    Top Rated Pet Shops in Melbourne. We Freight Australia Wide and we are the largest Quaker Parrot breeder in Australia. They are all weaned on High Quality Vetafarm Pellets, fruit & Veg to ensure the best start in life. All babies come with DNA certificate. We have the most affectionate and healthy hand raised birds for sale. We talk about birds that can be very social...View Listing

    • Phone Number
    • 0467 409 765
    • Verification Date
    • Tuesday , Mar 21 , 2017
    • Business Address
    • 212/68 La Trobe street , Melbourne
      Victoria , Australia