Malone Fencing Fencing Construction In Wangara , Western Australia

Bodgey construction by inexperienced fencers
Review Posted By Gerard McManus On Sunday, Jan 08, 2017
After my neighbour had a new fence erected between our blocks, I requested a Malone representative to inspect it from my side. I am still waiting (two months later). Two days after I requested an inspection, I received a threatening email demanding payment or they would remove the new fence, drop 50% of the old Super Six onto my block, and report me to a collection agency. I am a 68 year old retired pensioner and the fence is atop a 3 metre retaining wall. The company was purchased from its original owners a couple of years ago, so it is no longer a family company trading since 1977. The new owners are John and Cassandra Kirwan (nee Gunning) . I will not detail the faults with the fence as the problem is currently in mediation - no point in giving away amunition - but they've already shot themselves in the foot.

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