Aardvarc Pty Ltd

Building Designers In West End , Queensland

To create beautiful and effective buildings you need to understand not just the elements of beauty but also the practicalities of building. When Brisbane builder turned award-winning architect Mick Hellen founded Aardvarc he was determined to dovetail these disciplines in such a way that creative style and common sense are always in abundance. Aardvarc's designs demonstrate that in varied locations and in different modes Aardvarc has always achieved that ideal.
Everyone who works at Aardvarc has a love of nature. That doesnt mean that were environmental zealots. Or that we eat bean sprouts for breakfast. But we do share a respect for scarce resources. Youll also be happy to know that two of the scarce resources we seek to preserve are time and money. We do this by discussing every detail with you from the start. Regular dialogue also gives us a chance to get to know you, your way of life and expectations. When we have a sense of what makes you tick it can often lead to unique and personal touches within your design.

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