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About Us

Physio and Hypnosis in Joondalup is offering: (free parking)

  • Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy:
  • Sports injury clinic to assessments, rehabilitate and prevention.
  • Back pain solutions: Thorough musculoskeletal assessment and diagnostic followed by specific back pain treatment, back pain exercises resulting in back pain relief.

Back pain rehabilitation programs offered by published author Ursula Knecht. “Back Pain Goodbye: Overcome Back Pain & Reclaim Your Life in 12 weeks or less”

Ursula Knecht is a dedicated and knowledgeable Sports Physiotherapist with more than 20 years’ experience providing high-quality rehabilitation to a diverse range of clients, from professional athletes (NBL, AFL), to weightlifters, ballet dancers and musicians (professional and amateur), and amateur athletes from all kind of sports.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Problem-solving – find better solutions faster and smarter
  • Anxiety and stress before exams
  • Goal setting processes
  • Sleeping problems
  • Life management – life changes
  • Exam/performance fear
  • Enhanced sporting performance

Kids: Bed wetting, nail-biting, lack of self-confidence, exam/performance fear

Public speaking engagement topics:

  • Motivation and Goal setting
  • Fountain of youth
  • Preventing and managing back pain
  • Falls prevention
  • Sporting injuries and rehabilitation

Ursula Knecht is the author of Back Pain Goodbye: Overcome Back Pain & Reclaim Your Life in 12 weeks or less

back pain exercises

Sports injury physio and back pain relief Joondalup. We are specialised in back pain solutions, back pain exercises, treatment and sports injury prevention.

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Physio and Hypnosis

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You are invited this Sat 7th Sept in Joondalup

You are invited this Sat 7th Sept in Joondalup

Sat 7th Sept from 1-3 pmOpen day and FREE SeminarsSat 7th Sep 20191 pm to 3 pmQ & A and two short seminars1:15 pm How to prevent back pain2:15 pm Discover the secret power of your mindPlaces are limited, booking is essential 0431 662 956 I am looking forward to meeting you at this event.  Ursula KnechtMPhty (Sports), BPhty, DPhty, SportsPhty (IAS), ManTher (Sohier), Clinical HypnotherapistAuthor of: Back Pain Goodbye: Overcome Back Pain....Read Full Article

Do you suffer from back pain?

Do you suffer from back pain?

Have you tried and failed to treat it already?Millions of people suffer from back pain and find it almost impossible to get rid of it. The effect that this can have on their daily lives and routines, can mean discomfort at best and prolonged misery at worst.But with this new book, comprehensively and painstakingly researched by a back pain professional, you can find new ways to combat the agony of a bad back and find the relief you seek, through chapters that look at:Pain and stress managementRetraining your mind and body to move in new waysRetraining....Read Full Article

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