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We provide a fun, safe, family friendly atmosphere while instilling respect and discipline throughout our training centres. We aim to help build your child’s confidence and resilience through a positive environment and student focused curriculum. Our instructors will guide your children and enable them to reach their goals by supporting their individual needs whether they are competitive, grade focused or just doing it for fun.

Our goal is to change lives through martial arts. Success for us is determined by how well students take what they learn in the dojo – character, confidence, integrity, self-control, humility and perseverance and apply it out of the dojo. One of the biggest problems many children face today is their lack of resilience. If it’s too hard, quit! Our teaching philosophy is based on encouraging and praising children for effort not just for the sake of it. We teach them hard work will lead to reward. We focus on teaching children not to give up. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

We teach traditional karate with an emphasis on the importance of learning the techniques properly. We aim towards developing your child’s technique and instincts to be able to defend themselves if needed. In a society where bullying has become a big problem amongst children, karate helps develop a level of confidence, resilience and skills needed to succeed.

Yoseikan-Ryu Karate

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