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For Web Design and SEO, call SeattleWeb. We are your experts in Perth and the UK. Whether you live in Perth, London, Essex, Kent or the UK, trust us to build and promote your business.

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Web Designers Perth and London. For better SEO, call us.

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The 4 Pillars of SEO

The 4 Pillars of SEO

When the Greeks built their government buildings, or places of worship, they had ornate pillars that held up the weight of the building, and looked fantastic.So it is with SEO. There are 4 Pillars that will sustain the weight of your online marketing campaign. Basically, they are Technical SEO, OnPage SEO, Link Building, and Content. But, what exactly does that mean? Check out our infographic below:Now, whilst you may be able to perform some of those functions yourself, our team are expertis in this. So, we can advise, or assist, simply give....Read Full Article

Internet Trends for 2018 - How They Affect You

When it comes to internet trends, they are vital for all e-commerce and web development projects.Whilst no trend is a 100% guarantee of successful forecasting, they are still crucial for future planning and development. WIth that in mind, check out the infographic below of some of the key points outlined by Mary Meeker, of Morgan Stanley.One of the clearly outstanding snippets is the continuing increase of internet users(currently at around 50%) globally. The other thing is that mobile usage primarily contributes to this. No wonder, then, that....Read Full Article

3 Ways That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking

3 Ways That Social Media Helps Your Google Ranking

Your SERP - How Social Media HelpsIt is usually well known that Social Media links are 'no follow'. This means that it you Tweet 1 million times just for the sake of it, you won't necessarily get to number one on Google, at least not directly.However, it is possible that those 1 million tweets actually COULD contribute to you getting to number one on Google...How?Consider 3 ways that Social Media can improve your SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position):1/ Traffic - It is well known that Google does prioritise sites that receive the....Read Full Article

How To Use a Meta Description for SEO

How To Use a Meta Description for SEO

How To Use The Meta Description For SEOWhen it comes to Meta Description, it is fair to say that Google does NOT use this as a ranking least directly.However, this does not mean that you should not use a quality description to increase your search engine rankings. In fact, a quality Meta Description is vital to your SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position).Why is this? The reason is because of what Google DOES use to determine your site's ranking. It DOES use popularity, your click through rate.The traffic that flows to your site helps....Read Full Article

What We Learn From The Google Update

What We Learn From The Google Update

The Latest Google Update has changed the ball park substantially, with many brand names experiencing decreased(or increased) traffic.Particularly hard hit were the YMYL sites. What does that stand for? YM stands for :Your Money, and YL stands for Your Life. What this means is that sites that offered advice on money, nutrition of lifestyle, but lacked the credentials to be qualified to give that advice, were effectively demoted by Google.But how can this update be navigated around? Basically, the old 'Content is King' mantra is what each....Read Full Article

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