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About Us

As you’re new to Pyjama Drama, here are five things about our classes that we’d like to share with you: 

1. Every single session is different We have hundreds of different lessons that have all been specifically written for Pyjama Drama and feature our own, unique music. One week the children might be visiting the king at the castle, the next flying to the moon and the week after they could be jungle explorers.  This means that your child can start Pyjama Drama at six months, finish at seven years and will never repeat the same session twice. 

2. We always follow the same structure Even though every week the children will be exploring a different imaginary world, our classes always follow the same structure, so children quickly come to anticipate the next part of the class.  This gives them the confidence to relax into the sessions and have lots of fun.  

3. Pyjama Drama improves key developmental skills Our classes help a child to develop some very important skills such as confidence, communication, concentration and co-operation.  The entire programme was developed by an experienced teacher, which means that not only is it all linked to the national curriculum but as all our classes are age differentiated, so the activities are just right for each child’s individual developmental stage. 

4. We don’t use props & costumes and here’s why We all know that children have the most amazing imaginations, they role-play easily and naturally and pretending is actually the way in which children at this age learn about and make sense of, the world around them.  Dressing up is lots of fun and we highly encourage it at home!  But we know from many years working with children that as far as classes go, it’s better if you don’t have them. Mostly you find that costumes get in the way and dull the improvisation that comes so naturally to children.  And that sparkly dress in the box, is never as sparkly as the one in your imagination. 

5. Having fun is the most important part of what we do Pyjama Drama classes are all about laughing, pretending and having lots of fun.  That’s why they are packed full of singing, dancing and playing.  We hope that you will join us every week for this fun filled adventure!

Drama and creative play for children aged 0-7 years

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