Alkalife Natural Alkaline Water

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alkalife is not your ordinary bottled water!

If you are suffering from too much acid, alkalife is what you drink to help neutralise and flush out acidic waste - just by drinking water!

Unlike most spring waters which are highly acidic, alkalife is alkaline. Alkaline water helps counter acid in your body just like alkaline food does.

Our customers have reported relief from heartburn, reflux, eczema, asthma, indigestion and many more!

alkalife is high in calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, contains the RDI of silica in each litre of water and tastes great!

alkalife provides a bottled water delivery service in 15L, 1.5L or 600mL size bottles. We are also available in many health food stores which are listed on our website.

Feel the difference with alkalife Natural Alkaline Water.

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Review Posted By Vincent Fuentes

Vincent Fuentes's Negative Review & Scam Ripoff Complaint About Alkalife Natural Alkaline Water Posted Saturday, Sep 03, 2016 You hear our foods are chem sprayed and are poison. The water we get they say is recycled now because of how the amount of population there is in the world. So should our water be tested to know the so called pure water is exactly that? I thought of driving all the way down to where they get their water from the caverns near the Blue Mountains and just patiently wait and see if I can spot the truck that collects this water. Because I'm from a different state, I thought to see if there is people that know how to test the water and of it is really from the caverns near the Blue Mountains.....Alkalife Natural Alkaline Water review written by Vincent Fuentes on Saturday, Sep 03, 2016