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Pure Local exclusively displays Australian companies, individuals, businesses, and reviews. Our automated tools routinely verify outgoing links to ensure the listed businesses are operational. If a listed entity has closed or ceased operations, we will temporarily remove its listing until closure is confirmed. We may link to 3rd party content such as software, applications, servers, websites, directories, networks, systems, databases, programs, and products. Your interactions with any entity are solely between you and the other party. We encourage users to conduct necessary and appropriate investigations proceeding with any online or offline transaction with third parties.

Business Directory staff remove listings under certain circumstances, including instances where directory listings contain spam, false information, or illegal material. Additionally, we delete listings that infringe upon copyright by featuring text or media protected by copyright law.

Your Personal Information

We will only use your personal information for the purpose you provided. We assume no responsibility for the content located on third-party websites. Data is collected from you to make it easier for you to use the online directory. Depending on the external website you are accessing, you may be requested to provide information such as your contact details, name, email address, and domain name.

Removal Of Customer Reviews

We operate under Australia's Competition and Consumer Act, which is in place to keep a fair review environment for both businesses and consumers. We understand that incorrect, defamatory, and libellous reviews have become commonplace online, so we provide the tools to arbitrate customer reviews and remove them when required. All inappropriate, unfair, or suspicious reviews will not be published live on the directory.

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Content Duplication

Material posted on the Pure Local domain may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the material's copyright owner and Pure Local staff. If you have any complaints or queries regarding our privacy policy and legal requirements, please email the Pure Local Business Directory.

Linking Guidelines

Linking to the Australian Business Directory in a way that misrepresents or falsely implies that we sponsor, endorse, or are associated with or related to you or any third party or product is strictly prohibited. Your website and any material on it must conform to accepted standards of public decency and Australian laws. Other than the ability to link to this website per these terms, you do not gain any right, title, or interest in any registered or unregistered trademarks, logos, domain names, or any other material appearing on this directory belonging to us. The contents of this site may change from time to time. We make no representations that material on the business directory will remain available or unchanged. You must comply with our request to remove or alter a link to this website from your site. Our full terms are available here for your review.
The Pure Local Business Directory of Australia is an exclusive directory offering consumers dependable information about local companies through location-based searches and curated company listings. Listed businesses have undergone manual screening before final publication. Pure Local is committed to upholding Australia's Competition & Consumer Act, fostering a fair reviewing environment for businesses and customers. Unverified reviews are not made public. Some situations may require the removal of listings, such as overt spam, misleading details, or excessive unresolved disputes. Directory guidelines are in place to ensure content integrity.
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