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About Pure Local
Established in 2014, Australia's Business Directory helps users find the right local business with user-friendly search tools. We go beyond basic listings to provide in-depth business profiles. These profiles include valuable insights from customer reviews and detailed information about listed companies, empowering users to make well-informed decisions. This dedication to quality ensures the directory consistently achieves high rankings across major search engines, providing extensive exposure and a respected reputation for listed companies, services, and government departments. If you require support, contact us via email:

Directory Policies
As a director, owner, or representative, you are responsible for the accuracy of your business listing. Please ensure you have permission for any logos or trademarks uploaded to the directory. If a business permanently closes, we will remove its listing from the directory. Businesses resuming operations can request reinstatement. Business directory listings must adhere to decency standards and comply with Australian laws. Offensive, discriminatory, and inappropriate content will not be published. When you submit content, you provide us with a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. Detailed business directory terms and policies are available here for your review.

Privacy Commitment
We respect user privacy and only use provided details for their intended purposes. While we maintain strict user experience guidelines, we cannot control data collection on external platforms. Our commitment encompasses enforcing guidelines regarding infringement claims, review management, data usage, company listing control, and moderation.

Listing Integrity
To maintain the integrity and quality of Australian Business Directory listings, we reserve the right to modify terms and conditions and prohibit any linking practices deemed inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, linking to websites that host illegal or offensive content, employing manipulative link schemes to artificially inflate search engine rankings, directing users to competitors with the intention to deceive, and incorporating hidden links or misleading link text within listings.

Copyright Notice
The Pure Local Business Directory of Australia's content is protected by copyright. Reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission. Printing or downloading excerpts for personal use is allowed, following fair use guidelines. Sharing for personal use is permitted with proper attribution and communication of these terms. Commercial use or incorporation into other works requires written consent, as does integration into electronic retrieval systems.
The Pure Local Business Directory of Australia is an exclusive directory offering consumers dependable information about local companies through location-based searches and curated company listings. Listed businesses have undergone manual screening before final publication. Pure Local is committed to upholding Australia's Competition & Consumer Act, fostering a fair reviewing environment for businesses and customers. Unverified reviews are not made public. Some situations may require the removal of listings, such as overt spam, misleading details, or excessive unresolved disputes. Directory guidelines are in place to ensure content integrity.
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