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Our Privacy, Terms, and Disclaimer Policy outlines the information we collect from visitors, its use, disclosure, and the choices users have in a clear and comprehensive manner. The Pure Local Business Directory of Australia prioritise the protection of your privacy and aim to offer an outstanding user experience.

This policy encompasses a range of critical topics including infringement claims, legal disclaimers, customer review removals, listing removals, premium payments, handling personal data, limitations on duplication, account termination, policy modifications, and moderation protocols.

It is crucial to highlight that users bear responsibility for the accuracy of the information they provide. Pure Local, while committed to providing a reliable platform, does not assume liability for any inaccuracies. In the event of a user violating the terms of use, Pure Local retains the right to terminate their account and remove their content.

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Infringement Claims (DMCA)
The published content on Pure Local may feature external links directing to various websites and social media platforms, all of which operate independently from our platform. Should you suspect that your work has been reproduced in a manner that violates copyright laws or infringes upon your intellectual property rights, we encourage you to submit a formal legal notice to our directory agent for addressing copyright claims or any other instances of property infringement.

Legal Disclaimer
The directory's content may offer features and tools that connect or grant access to third-party content entirely separate from Pure Local. This includes websites, directories, servers, networks, systems, information, databases, applications, software, programs, products, and the broader Internet landscape. Your engagements with organisations or individuals discovered through our service, along with any terms, conditions, warranties, or representations connected to these interactions, remain the sole responsibility between you and the respective entities. We strongly advise conducting your due diligence before engaging in any online or offline transactions with these third parties. It's essential to perform any necessary or prudent investigations before proceeding.

Removal Of Customer Reviews
As part of our commitment to fostering a fair reviewing environment for businesses and consumers, Pure Local adheres to the guidelines set forth in Australia's Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Recognising the prevalence of inaccurate, defamatory, and libelous content on the internet, we provide tools to mediate and eliminate such reviews when necessary. Reviews undergo scrutiny by our directory staff; any content assessed as inappropriate, unfair, or suspicious will be promptly removed before its final publication.

Payment for Premium Services
By purchasing any of our fee-based services, whether on a one-time or subscription basis, you agree to promptly settle the applicable fees as they become due. Your responsibility to fulfill these fees continues until the date of subscription cancellation. Refunds for charges are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please note that our paid features are governed by our terms of use, in addition to any supplementary terms furnished to you upon applying for a paid service.

Your Personal Information
The Pure Local Business Directory of Australia and its affiliated marketing platforms are committed to using the personal information you provide solely for the intended purpose. While navigating through our site, you may encounter links to other websites and advertisement platforms which may gather personal information when accessed. Please note that we do not regulate the collection or usage of such data, and the practices of these advertisers are not governed by this privacy policy. We do not take responsibility for the information and content present on third-party sites.

The primary objective of gathering information from you is to enhance your experience and convenience while using our online directory. Depending on the specific service you utilise, you might be prompted to provide personal details such as your name, contact information (including email and website address). Responding to these queries is entirely voluntary and at your discretion. In certain instances, your email address might be disclosed to our affiliated Australian marketing partners. This occurs if you've provided information for an Australian business directory listing. If you prefer that your email remains confidential and is not shared with our marketing partners, kindly notify us via email.

Local Business Listings
If you submit a listing to the directory, you affirm that:
  • you are a company director, business owner, or authorised to represent them
  • you hold legal responsibility for all submissions and indemnify us from any claims
  • all provided information is accurate and publishable without conditions
  • you are accountable for the accuracy of all submitted data
  • you legally own any provided trademarks, logos, or insignias

Content Duplication
The content and materials hosted within the "" domain are protected by copyright and cannot be replicated, reproduced, or transmitted without the explicit written consent of both the copyright owner and the administrative personnel of PureLocal. We uphold a commitment to ensuring the information within our platform is as accurate and current as possible; however, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of all information contained in the business directory. Despite our diligent efforts to maintain accuracy, variations, updates, or inaccuracies may inadvertently occur. Therefore, users are advised to exercise their discretion and verify the accuracy of information as we cannot be held liable for any incorrect or outdated information found within our directory.

Business Listing Removals
The directory is dedicated solely to showcasing Australian businesses and companies. Each listing undergoes a meticulous manual screening process to ensure accuracy and the provision of correct information before being approved for publication on the directory. If a business listing is removed, it is typically due to one or more of the following reasons: detection of spam, inaccurate or erroneous submission of business information, failure to complete activation, or the accumulation of a substantial volume of negative reviews without a corresponding attempt at resolution.

In instances where a business has permanently closed or ceased its operations, the listing is promptly removed from the directory. Conversely, if a business reopens following a period of closure, we encourage the submission of a request for review. Upon receipt of such a request, our team will diligently process the account within a span of 2 business days, ensuring the accurate representation of the business's current status on the directory. This meticulous approach underscores our commitment to maintaining the integrity and accuracy of information while accommodating changes in the operational status of the listed businesses.

Termination Of Directory Service
In our commitment to maintain the integrity and quality of our service, we retain the right, at our sole discretion, to take necessary actions such as deleting or deactivating accounts, blocking email or IP addresses, or terminating access to the directory without notice. This includes the immediate removal and deletion of any content within the service. Such actions may be undertaken for various reasons, including instances where we believe there has been a breach or inconsistency with our terms of use.

It's important to understand and agree that we hold no liability towards you or any third party for the termination of access to the service. Moreover, you expressly agree not to attempt to use the service following such termination. This policy is in place to maintain the standards of use and to ensure compliance with our terms, emphasising the importance of adhering to the established guidelines and standards for access and use of our directory.

Directory Legal Agreement
By agreeing to this licensing statement, I grant permission for the utilisation of images, product catalogs, and associated data—such as product pricing—present on my website for display on Pure Local and its associated platforms. This includes a range of related websites, social media platforms, picture hosting sites, and any other pertinent websites. While I reserve the right to make suggestions on how best to showcase my products or present content, the final discretion regarding the display, method, and placement of content remains with Pure Local. In affirming this agreement, I confirm that I possess all necessary rights in the content provided, allowing Pure Local to exercise the granted rights. It is essential that the content accurately represents my products, and I commit to updating my account with any necessary changes to maintain the accuracy and representation of my offerings. Notably, Pure Local and its affiliated sites bear no responsibility for any damages associated with the content or its interpretation. This agreement establishes the terms for the use of provided content, underscoring the importance of accuracy and representation while delineating the role and limitations of responsibility on the part of Pure Local and its affiliates regarding the displayed content.

Modifications To Directory Policies
At our sole discretion, we retain the right to amend, modify, or alter these terms and conditions at any time. Any such adjustments will be immediately effective upon their posting. It is essential that you regularly review this agreement to stay informed about any alterations that may have occurred. This policy is established to affirm our authority to modify terms and conditions as deemed necessary. Therefore, it is crucial for users to stay updated on any amendments, as they will be implemented upon posting. This approach ensures transparency and adherence to updated policies, ultimately encouraging users to remain informed about any changes to the terms and conditions of our service.

PureLocal Staff Moderation
Pure Local has dedicated staff responsible for moderating all publicly posted online content on their Australian directory. Their primary role is to guarantee the accuracy of business information, including contact phone numbers and store addresses. Additionally, these team members oversee reviews before their publication to prevent the dissemination of false, incorrect, or defamatory content.

It is important to emphasise that any action involving the removal or manipulation of a customer review, whether before or after publication, is strictly prohibited for any employee. Moreover, all reviews handled by a Pure Local staff member must be based on genuine events.

In instances where there may be a potential conflict of interest, employees are barred from reviewing any business. This stringent approach ensures the integrity and authenticity of reviews while preventing any biased or conflicting assessments. The policies and responsibilities outlined are in place to maintain the credibility and fairness of reviews posted on Pure Local, affirming the commitment to accurate and unbiased representation of businesses listed on the platform.

Linking To Us
Do not link to this website in a way that suggests we sponsor, endorse, or are associated with you or any third party or product. You cannot frame, mirror, or distort any page of this website, or modify any registered or unregistered trademarks, logos, or names owned by the directory. Your site and its content must adhere to standards of public decency and good taste, and cannot expose us to any legal liability or infringe on third-party rights. You may not disparage us or our goods or services, and you have no right, title, or interest in any registered or unregistered trademarks, logos, or other materials on this directory. We reserve the right to change the contents of this site at any time, and we make no guarantees that any links will remain available or unchanged. If requested by us, you must remove or alter any links to this website from your site.