6 Effective Furniture Storage Tips
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6 Effective Furniture Storage Tips

Different situations in your life may push you to use an external furniture storage unit.

  • Relocating to a new place and house.
  • Renovating your existing home.
  • Or it may be for any other reason.
At the time of all these situations, you may find proper furniture storage facility and shift your home furniture to an external self-storage unit. Appropriate packaging is imperative to store furniture in the right manner. Typically, furniture is stored in non-climate-controlled storage units, thus, you need to wrap the items with care to guarantee their durability. When exposed to very hot or cold temperatures, electronic items will stop working; fabrics can become paler and wooden furniture will dry out. Thus, packing with care can protect and uphold your belongings while they are in storage. All right, let’s hop onto six effective furniture storage tips:
Materials You Would Need:
  • Blankets
  • Furniture Pads
  • Packaging Tape
  • Plastic Sheeting/ Shrink Wrap
1. Dismantle Wooden Furniture
It is prudent to dismantle wooden furniture to lower the chances of damage. Remove headboards, table legs and footboards. Store all the screws in small bags and label it so it can be handy for speedier reassembly. Wooden furniture should be cleaned and waxed to give extra moisture within a storage unit that isn’t climate-controlled. If enough space is there, pull out the drawers from the dresser and store them separately. In addition, keep wooden furnishings away from the door in case of rainwater leaks in. Here are the few types of furniture for small spaces
2. Clean Up Your Furniture
Prior to storing, clean fabric chairs, sofas and mattresses to lower the likelihood of mould or mildew. Using an antibacterial cleaner, wipe the surface, which is harmless for the fabrics. Prior to storing upholstered furniture in a storage unit, give sufficient time for the cleaners to dry. Put padded blankets or covers over the furniture to shield it during the shifting process and protect it against scratches, cuts or damage in a storage bin.
3. Cover Wood Furniture
Cover your wooden furniture and rendered furnishings with plastic/ shrink wrap. If the component isn't climate-controlled, apply double layers of plastic sheeting to the furniture. In addition, shrink wrap or plastic sheeting shields your furniture from wood-burrowing rodents and insects.
4. Packaging & Storing Electronics
It is recommended to store all your electronics including televisions in their original packaging. Also, using bubble wrap, cover the cords and store them with their electronic devices in its original packaging. If there is empty space anywhere, fill them with foam peanuts or bubble wrap to make a barrier between the electronic appliance or gadget and other stored items. To protect against moisture, keep your electronic items away from the floor of the secure self storage unit.
5. Shielding Your Furniture
It is imperative to moisture-proof the storage unit to shield the furniture pieces, metal accessories and electronic items. A moisture impediment is vital especially in areas where fog is expected to take place. It is urged to cover the storage unit’s floor with plastic sheeting. To safeguard furniture from water stains, mould, mildew and moisture damage, wrap it with added furniture pads and blankets.
6. Giving Polish to Metal Furnishings
Metal furnishings made up of brass, nickel and silver should be given a polish to safeguard against corrosion in a non-climate-controlled storage unit. Cover the items in shrink wrap or plastic sheeting to shield them from dust, heat and dry conditions. Moreover, it is recommended to store silverware in its original box package.

Caution: Refrain from storing antique furniture and heirlooms in a self-storage facility, which don’t offer climate control. Original materials, paints and stains may worsen when exposed to temperature levels that are extreme.

You can also use your Tetris skills to store your furniture

Top Tip: The systematic and cautious packaging of electronics and furniture safeguards them when they accidentally get in contact with other furnishings or boxes during the transfer.

Well, these essential tips will help you to pack and store your belongings in a safe and sound manner inside a self-storage unit.




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