7 Reasons to Market Your Business Through Vehicle Signage

7 Reasons to Market Your Business Through Vehicle Signage

Looking to promote a message or advertise your company? Vehicle signage is increasingly becoming a popular method to accomplish either goal. 

In fact, there are a variety of reasons you should be utilising vehicle signage, including:

1. Applicable for All Vehicles

Whether you are a tiny two-seater or a large commercial truck, vehicle signage can be customised to fit any sizes and type of vehicle.

Of course, when put into perspective, it makes sense that these signs and wraps are more effective and eye-grabbing on larger vehicles such as semi-trailers and box trucks.

2. Gather Impressions Offline

Let’s say you are using vehicle signs or wraps on your product delivery vans or motorbikes. Think of all the routes that you will take in a single day to complete your job.

Now, think of all the vehicles travelling alongside yours. Imagine how many impressions of your business brand and advertisement you get just by driving your vehicle. Consider these impressions a side bonus to your day-to-day job.

3. Cost-Effective Advertising

Most offline advertising formats are much more expensive than vehicle wraps and signs. Taking up a billboard spot, for example, is definitely going to cost you a small fortune.

However, when you customise your own vehicle signs, have them printed and installed, the overall cost is a lot lower than billboards and some other print solutions. Even when drilling down to return on investment, the cost per thousand impressions will still be a lot less.

4. Mobile and Passive Lead Generation

You get to bring your advertisement with you wherever you go – even when you are just driving your wrapped vehicle to a relative’s home!

Seeing a full-wrap vehicle sign in someone else’s driveway can give an impression that the vehicle is a service vehicle, adding to the confidence that if someone they know is using that company’s services, it must be trustworthy.

5. Build Better Trust

Typically, your vehicle signs include not only an advertisement or promotion that your company is promoting, but also includes your company details.

These details can include your company name, a logo or even the contact number and the address of your business. Displaying your company information helps to confirm that you are an established company, thus building trust among potential customers.

6. Flexible Advertising

Most of the time, when you publish an advertisement offline, it is quite fixed. You can’t alter a billboard ad, and you definitely can’t alter a promotion that has already been printed in a circulating pamphlet.

Meanwhile, vehicle signs can be replaced easily with your ongoing promotions. There’s not much issue, even if you want to change your signs every month.

This flexibility makes vehicle signage a good option for businesses actively holding events, warehouse sales and so on.

7. Longer Vehicle Lifespan

Perhaps one of the best perks of vehicle signage is that it also protects the exterior of your company vehicle from wear and tear.

Whereas vehicles with no car wraps will need to spend quite a substantial amount of money and resources for cleaning and maintenance, a vehicle wrap already protects the car well enough as it is.

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