Are You Fed Up With Washing?

Are You Fed Up With Washing?

Do You Have Better Things To Do Than Washing?

Yes of course you do. Eve Dry Cleaners Adelaide can help you with that because we love washing Adelaide residents clothes.
Let’s face it, washing clothes is a chore and a bore. With everyone so busy these days, getting the washing done is something we tend to leave until night or the weekend, and even then we are tired and wanting to relax, or wanting to do, well, anything else!

If you’re a busy professional couple, both working hard, you know what it’s like at the end of the day, washing is the last chore you want to do.

But clothes do eventually need to be washed. Many suits are dry clean only, so they do have to be taken to the dry cleaners. While you do that, why not drop off the weekly washing at the same time?

While Eve are washing your clothes, separating out the whites from the colours, jocks, socks and bra’s from shirts, pants and dresses, you are relaxing, or playing golf, gardening or socializing. Sound ideal? Our regular clients think so.

Of course you love ironing, so once the clothes and bed linen are fresh and clean, you can take them home and spend hours ironing, Hmmm… perhaps not!

Eve Dry Cleaners Adelaide are your one-stop laundry and linen shop, so not only can your clothes and linen be white and bright, with our ironing service they can also be wrinkle free.

At Eve, we are as passionate about ironing Adelaide residents clothes as we are about washing them. With state of the art Italian made commercial irons, and industrial presses, there won’t be a crinkle in anything you bring in to us.

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