Attic Ladder Perth by Attic Lad WA

Attic Ladder Perth by Attic Lad WA

Attic Access Ladders by Attic Lad WA 

How many  times have  you dragging a ladder in and out of your house to get up to the attic ? Have you ever stood on the top run  to try to drag down a box of Christmas  decorations ? and thought this does not feel safe? If this sounds familiar, you need to have a attic ladder installation done.

Attic Lad WA's attic access  ladders can make getting in to you attic  a lot  easier and more importantly  safer to access your attic storage  and keep you safer in the process. Read on to learn more about why you need a loft  ladder and the different types I  offer. 

More  Easier  Access

having a attic ladder installed, will give you a much  easier access to the  attic 

Not having to carry a ladder in and out of the house  every time you want to get something from the  attic will make it easier to store things you use more frequently there. You can put items you don’t use all the time in your loft and be able to get to them when you need them with out any hassle.

Better Storage Options

Having a loft access ladder will  improve your storage options, making it safer for you to move heavy things in to the attic .With a loft ladder, you can safely carry heavier boxes up and down the attic stairs . You won’t have to worry about clinging to the sides of a wobbly  ladder or trying to balance on top of a stool. Having this extra storage space available can free up storage space in the rest of your house.

Safely access your attic 

Were  safety ic concerned , it’s never a good idea to stand on a chair or a ladder while trying to get in and out of your attic . You’re more  likely to overbalance and fall  over, especially if you’re hauling heavy boxes. 

Attic access  ladders are a much safer way to access your attic  storage. You’ll be able to go up and down a ladder that is  securely attached to a attic trap door . Even if you a loft ladder,  You should still  always use caution,  

Easier Maintenance

If you have air conditioning  in your loft,  having  a loft ladder installation done will make it much easier and safer for the tradesman to service these units , safety is paramount.

Your Attic can be a Great Storage  Space 

When you’re looking for extra space in your home your attic  is one of the best options. Many of these spaces these days have  high pitched roofs which are  ideal for turning into attic storage platforms or even fully enclosed dust proof attic storage rooms. But if you’re going to use the loft as a storage space, you can’t keep bring  a ladder in and out of  the house all the time. You will need a attic  ladder which will make it easy and safe to get up and down from the attic. Having a attic ladder installed by Attic Lad WA  is a great  investments, it will make  turning that space into something useable.

Affordable  Home Improvement

Having  a loft ladder installed  is one of the most affordable home improvements you can make. My attic ladder prices start at just $695 fully installed.  It will also add value to  your home value. When you come to sell your home,  Buyers will  appreciate you having a safe and easy access to attic storage space. 

Different Types of Attic Ladders

There are many different  types of attic access  ladders, starting with the basic budget  ladder that fold down to give you access. My most popular  attic access ladders  are  my deluxe  range  which come in  wood or aluminum options. I have a wide range of sizes to fit ceiling heights up to 3.4 meters.

If you have  a very compact space, my range of concertina loft ladders are your  best  option as they can  operate in a small space and fold up like an accordion when stored  away.  For maximum ease the  concertina attic ladder can also be available fully electrically powered with remote control. 

Attic Ladder Installation by Attic Lad WA 

Having a attic ladder installation done by Attic Lad WA  is a great investment for your home and your safety. Not only will you be able to access your attic storage space more easily, it will  also be much  safer while you do so. Attic Lad WA  can help you choose the loft access ladder and style that works best for you and take accessing  you attic storage space  to the next level.

If you’d like to get a no obligation free quote on my range of attic ladders, Please feel free to contact me on 0423423334 or check out my Facebook page

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