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About Speedy Demolition

As one of the most respected demolition companies Brisbane has to offer, with over 25 years experience, Speedy Demolition offers practical, honest, and reliable advice to get your project completed safely and on time. With the right Brisbane demolition contractors, the process of House Removal is not overwhelming – we organise the lot.

We understand the importance of fast, efficient service for our Brisbane demolition contractor clients in both the Domestic and Commercial markets. We offer the following services to Brisbane, South East Queensland, and Northern New South Wales:
  • House Removal – Full or Part Demolition
  • Carport and Shed Demolition
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Commercial Office Renovation and Fit Out
  • Internal Shop and Restaurant Renovation
  • Bank Refurbishment

Speedy Demolition offers accurate quoting and thorough project management. We can organise the entire job, to eliminate any uncertainty for you. Our project quotes can include:
  • Council Documentation Approval
  • Obtaining Correct Certification Certificates
  • Power and Plumbing Disconnection and Documentation
  • Complimentary Temporary Fencing for during and after demolition
Site and neighbourhood cleanliness is one of our priorities. We supply Silt Fencing and recycled gravel pits complementary. Depending on weather and soil types, and the traffic off and on site, often loose mud and dirt can end up along your street. Supplying these two items at the entrance to the site avoids this from occurring.

Keeping your neighbourhood clean, tidy and safe throughout the process is important to us. Whether it’s a building, house or just a Brisbane shed demolition, there is no need to upset the neighbours by not planning properly.

We recycle almost all material our demolition sites generate and we always practice safe waste removal. Zero Waste is a goal all Brisbane demolition companies should strive for.

Speedy Demolition can offer our clients on-going competitive pricing on Speedy Bins for onsite construction and waste removal. Call us on 1300 550 442, or for more information visit

We look forward to working with you on your successful Brisbane demolition.

Brisbane’s Best Demolition Contractor in South East Queensland or Northern New South Wales.

Thank you for visiting Speedy Demolition, one of the best demolition companies Brisbane has to offer.

Speedy Demolitions Asbestos Removal - Business Services In Virginia
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