Ensuring Quality , Independent Building and Pest Inspections.
Buildwise Certification - Building Construction In Moonbi

Ensuring Quality , Independent Building and Pest Inspections.

Many people ask us why we don’t do combined Pest and Building Inspection ourselves, and the repairs to problems we find.

The answer is pretty simple!

Buildwise has years of building experience, and our Inspectors know there field. They are competent to make decisions you can rely on and have all studied the building trade for years. Each has worked in the industry and seen all sorts of problems. All of our inspectors has progressed to be a Contractor, Licensed Builder or Building Certifier. Buildwise Inspectors are very experienced men in Building.

For a Building Inspector to become a Combined Pre-Purchase Pest Inspector as well, they would only have to do a short course (10 days or so) then a fewof inspections with a Pest Inspector. At Buildwise, we just don’t feel this is adequate training and enough experience, to not only be looking for pest problems and diagnosing, but to complete a thorough report on the building, its fittings and finishes, the services and site, as we always do.

The Pest Control Companies we book for people have, like us, years of experience. They work with termites; cockroaches etc. every day and can tell you the difference in each sort of species. They can advise on the aggressiveness of the termites’ species. Pest Controllers can advise on different types of mound, wood decay, moisture and even bird lice (in your ceilings). They can check trees for borers and termites, and offer you suggestions on how to treat or reduce all these problems.

All in all, we don’t feel that there’s a question as to why our Qualified Building Inspectors do our Building Inspection and the Fully Qualified Pest Controllers do the Pest Inspections.

Two sets of eyes, looking over your building, each concentrating on what their expertise is, should bring you peace of mind.    It does us!

Buildwise does Building Inspections to help you identify the issues with a building and to  give you an informative report about needed repairs and maintenance. Buildwise does not quote on the recommended work. We encourage you to get independent quotes so you can compare prices and workmanship from Builders. This ensures you are not quoted on unnecessary items, as we gain nothing from finding more or less issues with the building.

No one’s perfect, but at Buildwise we eliminate the risk for our clients as best we can.

Buildwise Certification - Building Construction In Moonbi
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