Eyelash Extensions how many type ?

Eyelash Extensions how many type ?

Eyelash Extensions how many type ?

There are THREE types: SYNTHETIC, SILK & MINK. 

What size ? Availability from 06mm to 17mm.


These are made from a Polish, Acrylic material and are the firmest/sturdiest of all. In appearance, they are a little shinier or glossier than the mink or synthetic, and when applied quite thickly and dramatic.

2. SILK :

Are the mid-weight type of lash extensions, and are finer and more flexible than the synthetic type. Because they are softer and more porous, they tend to hold on slightly longer than the synthetic ones. Look very natural or very glamorous, but sometimes quite as dense/thick as the synthetic lashes. Because they are lighter weight, they are often a much better option for your lashes if your own ones are weak or fine. They definitely last longer than synthetic lashes. Like synthetic lashes, silk come in a variety of curls and lengths, though are a better option for a more natural look, as the curl is not generally as uniform or as plasticky as synthetic lashes.

3. MINK :

The fact that they are natural – they look very natural, like your real lashes…except infinitely better. There’s none of that shiny fake-ness that you get with polyester lashes – instead, mink lashes are feathery soft, slightly curled and lightweight. Mink lash extensions are also some of the thinnest lash extensions you can get, which helps them last longer since they can be attached to each of your individual lashes with

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