How to hire security guards on a affordable price ?
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How to hire security guards on a affordable price ?

Benefits of Hiring Security Guards from a Small level security company:

Hiring a security guard in Melbourne is expensive but fruitful. People nowadays claim that hiring a security guard has become very expensive. Most business owners don't hire security guard services due to high costs, and as a result, they suffer losses when robbers steal expensive and precious assets from the shops, supper markets, industries, etc.

How to hire a security guard at low cost:

There is a solution to hiring  on a low-cost budget in Melbourne. There are some significant security companies in Melbourne and small companies in Melbourne. Some companies are very small and offer security guard services, but they run their business on a smaller scale. So now, if you hire a security guard in Melbourne and contact a big company, you can expect higher-level rates. Not only do megacorporation’s have so many managers supervisors but also, these companies pay big money in rent, wages, and other expenses.

However, on the other hand, smaller-scale security companies such as Safezone Security Services offer the same quality security services as higher-level companies offer but at a very affordable and economical price. The one main reason is that a small company is usually run by a family and mostly holds a home base office. Moreover, they don't have to pay extra rent or high wages to managers as they run their own company alone. In addition, they hire casual staff, so when the project finishes, the small company owners don't have ongoing wages responsibilities or requirements. In most cases, the small company owners or directors work themselves to reduce the outgoing and increase the profit. The owners mostly visit the sites and check on the security guards to ensure that the guards are working properly.

 Is there any difference in the guard's quality:

 To explain this, from our experience, roughly 75% of guards work on casual bases in the security industry. That means the guards work with different companies at the same time. Most of the projects are short-term projects. The security industry is so competitive that companies nowadays hire security guards in Melbourne on a casual basis. So most of the guards sometimes work with big security companies, and other times they work with small-scale security companies on a casual basis. There is no denying fact that security guards who work with small security companies have the same skills and training as large security companies' security guards. So hiring a security guard from a small-level security company offers the same benefits as a big company. Still, you can hire low-cost and . As mentioned before, small companies' owners don't have higher expenses; therefore, when they send a quote, they try to offer low-profit margins. For example, a well-known security company may provide you with a 25% profit margin in their quote; on the other side, a small company may offer you a 10% profit margin.

 To conclude, I hope this blog post will help you to understand the difference between hiring a security guard from a large and small company. And if you may have hired a guard from a big company previously and now you don't want to hire because of the hire price, then try to hire a guard from a small company, and you will see the difference between the prices.  

Safezone Security Services is a small-medium size security company. We offer affordable and cost-effective security services without compromising on quality. Please feel free to contact us to get a  or visit our  to find out more about our services.

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