How To Remove Dog Saliva From Glass?

How To Remove Dog Saliva From Glass?

Here's Some Tricks To Remove Dog Saliva From Glass

Doesn't everyone love their dog. Absolutely! Unless it is slobbering on your windows!

So, how can you stop this from happening? You can:

a/ Lose The Dog

b/ Learn How To Remove The Saliva

Now, probably you don't want to lose the dog, so, how can you remove Dog Saliva from windows?

It is actually quite simple. First of all, let me emphasise that you need to do this regularly. The cleaning won't stop the dog reapplying the saliva. So, schedule a minute or so each week to clean up after your loyal companion.

Now, when it comes to the solution, get white vinegar and water. You will want equal amounts of both. Simply mix them, apply them to a spray bottle, and then spray onto the offensive drool. After this, get two lint free cloths. 

Use the first cloth to scrub the marks, then use the second(dry one) to buff and dry the area. And then, Voila! The Dog Saliva is gone! Again, here is what you take from this:

1/Clean Every Week

2/ Use equal amounts of vinegar and water

There you go, that's how to clean Dog Saliva From Glass or Windows.


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