Impact of Brexit on foreign students in the UK
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Impact of Brexit on foreign students in the UK

Impact of Brexit on foreign students in the United Kingdom

Meaning of “Brexit”: The general word “Brexit” is the combination of “British and Exit” which was derived for the exit of UK from the EU (European Union). On 23 June 2016, more than 50% of the people voted to leave the European Union in a referendum in UK. Due to the result of votes global market of UK was roiled and value of the currency “British Pound” was also fall down to its lowest level. The decision of UK to take withdrawal from European Union has not much impact on the foreign students who wants to study in UK.

Impact of “Brexit”: Brexit does not make much impact on the international students in the UK as it was announced by the government on 11 October, 2016 that foreign students will remain entitled for the loans and grants which was eligible to domestic students for the purpose of study. It was also announced by the UK government that those students from European Union want to study in UK for the academic year 2017-18 all the financial aid and structure of tuition fees will be exactly same as before the vote for Brexit (Wadsworth, et al., 2016). If UK really exists from the EU then in future it can be said that international students will have to pay more fees in comparison to present fees structure. read more Cheap Assignment Help for UK students. With the help of recent surveys it is determined that more than 60% of the foreign students are interested in doing study in UK universities. As in the academic year 2014-15 about 150,000 students are from EU currently studying in the UK have no impact on their study. The official process of leaving the EU will be started after the activation of Article 50 till than for a period of at least two years UK will be a member of EU. When UK finally exits from the EU there will be great impact on the study of foreign students. Foreign students may required to pay more fees and apply for student visa or study visa for short term for the purpose of study in UK in future (Corbett and Gordon, 2017). The more of research fund has came from EU in 2014-15 and after Brexit it could be affected as less funding for the research to the Universities in UK will have great impact on the research study of foreign students. About 90% of the total foreign students including EU and Non-EU students want that UK should remain the member of European Union. Read more HND Assignment Help Writing Services By Professional Writers.

All the international students consider that if UK will leave then it will affect their study program because of changes in environment, economical or political threats and changes in the currency rate. Brexit will make adverse impact on education opportunities, business opportunities, freedom of movement, political and economical stability of whole country etc. Numbers of foreign students are decreasing in comparison with previous years due to the Brexit. On the basis of overall analysis it can be concluded that Brexit will have impact on the study of foreign students in UK in future.

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