Importance of Sewing Machines in Our Life

Importance of Sewing Machines in Our Life

I enjoy clothing outfits since I admire the comfort, feel smell and touch of each garment I possess. Until now, it never dawn on my mind how the clothes I wear, the ole mattress I slept on, furniture I sit on, the canvas that holds my art work, the curtains, fabric material I’ve given away or purchase is made because all that had mattered was how it fits, look and cost me.

But come to think of it, without the use a sewing machine; whether big or small, unique or different, the threads that hold each inseam, the fabric stitching design and the creativeness that it takes brings it all together is really what makes the garment we use for decoration, wear, sit or sleep upon, possible!

Sewing machine greatly impacts our society because it is the product used to manufacture the clothing that we wear and fabrics that influence the beauty of our physically outward needs and wants.

Like technology, the use of the sewing machine assists our economy and affects our daily lives because, without it, life would be impossible to maintain lasting garments or fabric products together. The use of the sewing machine creates a style for each garment monetary power over the limited decoration we are willing to choose. It opens our mind creatively to unlimited possibilities for repurposing almost anything made from fabric.

I find this product to be important in our life because using it brings out different kind of stitching outlook and possibilities to devising a new invention from each garment created. The use of the machine is also necessary because it aide in the enhancement of our physical outlook both professionally and personally.

My understanding of the sewing machines is that it takes threads and needles with a rotating reel that feed the thread through the needle and into the garment.  I can become overly enthusiastic when it comes to shopping for the garments that I need inasmuch as I respect the product it takes to make it, but I cannot say that I am super excited about the use of a sewing machine simply because I could imagine how overwhelming it might be not knowing how to make use of its purpose fully.

In conclusion, this is for you if you’ve got a sewing machine but aren’t sure where to begin next, I am forever grateful for your mastering the use of switching the machine on, and for knowing the  stitch type, thread tension, numbered channels and loops, load your bobbin, foot that holds your fabric in place, needle that moves in and out of the fabric; the length of your stitches - whether they’re simple straight stitches, zigzags or any other pattern; the hand wheel to moved the needle down and up, the method for reverse stitching and the quality and creative work which you produce from the use of it.

I don’t own or have any access to a sewing machine; however, as a shopaholic of quality garments and stitching, the machine in which you use to create the fabric that I need makes life so much easier and perfect for daily living.

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