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IS Africa Safe?

Is Africa Safe?

East Africa is the ultimate adventure. People often don’t realise that Africa is a diverse continent of 54 countries, made up of many different languages, cultures and environments. Our tours operate in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Madagascar where you can see the majestic beauty of this great land in a safe environment. 

Leave your valuables at home
Experiencing gorillas in their native habitat is an experience you will never forget. Our tours take you to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda where you’ll see these amazing animals up close. Leave your valuables at home as they won’t be needed in the jungle. The distant misty mountains and lush forest is a photographer’s dream. The land of a thousand hills will leave you in awe. Rwanda is the fastest growing and cleanest countries in Africa. You will not believe your eyes.
Blend into the environment
You’ll also need your camera for the migration of the wildebeest in Tanzania. Experiencing elephants, rhinos, and lions in their natural environment is one to tick off the bucket list. Try to blend in by not wearing bright colours  while on a safari and remember to pack sunscreen. You can also avoid being the target of scams by not overdressing or looking like a wealthy tourist. 

 Tanzania is really a country of contrasts. The architecture of Stone Town in Zanzibar, with winding shady alleyways and markets and the sights and smells of Spice Town make Tanzania a memorable country to visit. Unfortunately, pickpockets  exist due to various factors be vigilant. Don’'t wear expensive jewellery, or carry an expensive bags, hold onto it tightly and be aware of your surroundings, especially in urban areas. In the markets, carry small amounts of money in a concealed wallet, as you’re bound to want a souvenir.

 Stay safe on secluded beaches

Madagascar is yet another natural delight. Apart from its renown lemurs Madagascar’s beaches are untouched, and the seven species of Baobab trees gives the island another worldly feel that needs to be seen to be believed. Stay away from secluded beaches at night particularly if you are on your own and if the hotel doesn’t have a safe, carry your valuables and passport with you. 
 Respect and engage with locals
To experience a truly different way of life, it’s hard to beat an encounter with the Maasai tribes of Kenya. Being invited into their village is a true honour and a cultural experience that opens your eyes. In many African cultures it’s important to say hello and smile and acknowledge each other’s presence.
 Hospitality and friendliness

Uganda, the ‘pearl of Africa’, is yet another country to see a variety of animals such as  gorillas, monkeys and baboons in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.  Uganda encompasses over thirteen national parks with buzzing wildlife.  But, it’s also the people that will amaze you. You’ll be blown away by their hospitality and friendliness, especially when you visit the villages. The beautiful children will greet you with curiosity and wonder. If you return the respect and engage with the locals like you would anywhere else, the experience will be life changing. 

 While some people may find it daunting to take a trip to Africa, all it takes is some common sense and some good planning to have the experience of a lifetime. Australia isn’t that far away, with an Australian High Commission in Kenya and an Australian Consulate in Uganda. Before travelling anywhere in the world, it’s always worth checking out Smart Traveller to stay informed and up to date with any safety concerns. 

If you want an African experience that is safe, life changing and unforgettable, give Dativah at Daventuretours  a call  or email and she will tailor make an adventure for you.

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