Kitchen Stone Benchtops

Kitchen Stone Benchtops

When choosing your new kitchen or kitchen renovation materials, you will most likely choose stone benchtops.
Laminate benchtops are still used in many laundry's and butlers pantries but stone is the clear winner when it comes to the main kitchen. There are many different suppliers with a wide range of pricing.
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Stone Benchtops - are an incredibly popular choice with homeowners. They are normally made out of engineered stone, but they can also be made out of natural stone – there are however much more expensive.

They are solid and require very little maintenance. Moreover, stone benchtops are non-porous, waterproof, scratch-resistant and resistant to mould and mildew. And, they are available in a great range of colours to match any colour scheme.

Laminate Benchtops - are a popular alternative to stone benchtops. They are made out of laminate materials such as MDF board, ply or chipboard and can replicate the look of natural materials such as wood grain, granite and even marble.

Laminate benchtops are water-resistant, but they can be prone to scratching and denting and can be damaged by extreme heat.

Laminate benchtops provide certain advantages over their equivalents of stone. Firstly, they are available in an unlimited variety of patterns and colours and can imitate the appearance of stone at a fraction of the cost.


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