Labour Day Celebrations with your Pet
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Labour Day Celebrations with your Pet

Labour Day is around the corner, so you must have made plans with your family; may it be staying home, having a cookout, or going out for a mini vacation. If you haven’t made plans yet, make some now. Enjoy a safe and fun holiday weekend with your pet.

f you both like being indoors, you can play games or have a spa day with your four-footed buddy. Being together and enjoying each other’s presence is enough sometimes; it proves to be the best bonding time for you both. If you’re planning to have a cookout, be sure to keep an eye on your pet so that they don’t get hurt while playing.

Be sure to keep them away from the bones, which can pose a choking hazard; some human food might contain certain condiments which are toxic to dogs, so keep them away from such food items. During times of celebration or fireworks remember that animals are susceptible to loud noises, so keep your pet inside where they can be relaxed.

If you plan on going on a mini vacation and decide to take your pet with you, then making some adjustments to your trip is necessary; it should be convenient and fun for both of you. Certain precautions you can take are; scheduling water and potty breaks, packing your pet’s medicinal bag, buckling everyone up including your pet, and being sure to have lots of water ready. The last reminder is to have loads of fun!

You know your pet best; their requirements, likes, and dislikes. It makes you responsible for checking their well-being. Have fun on this  with your family and furry friends and enjoy the holiday by availing exciting offers on . We offer a special 7% off on selected products. Get your pet the best from VetSupply!

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