Latest Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Latest Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Could you ever imagine a technology that gives a strong competition to a human marketing expert a decade ago?

Technology is getting finer, better and even, smarter than before. This betterment is outpacing. You can compare the growth rate of an e-Commerce website with an off-site store. A huge difference in the ratio of their profitability would emerge. The profit margin would clearly show that the digital business marks an edge. Not only does it take a lead in terms of profitability, but also, it saves a huge capital that a typical marketing department solely devours.

Marketing is a play of attention. If you maximize it, you win. The sale would definitely continue to break its previous records. This is what happens when you walk hand and hand with the latest digital marketing trends. If you don’t have its knowledge, get the digital marketing done by a virtual assistant or using digital tools. He would employ turnkeys along with digital trends that are extremely economical.

Let’s catch a few of them trending in 2019:

  • AR to Aide Marketing: 

Augmented Reality or AR has already created a sensation. People were fond of catching the superimposing a computer-generated Pokemon on their view of the real-world. Even, Google also uses this artificial intelligence in translating a snapshot of a particular text in any language. It happens in the real-time.

Besides, there are a number of apps that can let you lay a product’s picture over the real-time view/settings. Let’s say, you want to take a preview of a tattoo on your hand or leg or bicep. You can’t erase it if it’s embossed permanently. So, it’s a better idea to promote your skills digitally via AR apps. The customer would be able to derive satisfaction once he/she gets the preview of the products/services. The turnaround time of pitching and conversion would be lesser than before. This is where the digital marketers come into the picture. They will integrate AR with their marketing experience in the future.

  • Data-Driven Strategy: 

Whatever data the IoT (Internet of Things) & AI collect, the expert marketers put into data mining tools. The mining enables them to capture the patterns that a human’s eyes skip. Here again, the marketers explore the use of chatbots to tap on the customer behavior, loops and customer challenges. The chatbots browse the text, voice inputs and outputs answer your marketing queries.

 What data these digital tools extract, they are seen through the analytical eyes. However, the marketers like to employ Google Analytics or any other similar tool for predicting and marketing analysis. They combine this analysis with the optimal customer journeys, including identifying what customers like to churn and where they encounter trouble in completing a transaction. Eventually, they strategise their goals in an online journey. 

  • Conversational Voice Technology:

Have you heard about the excellence of voice assistant? They are none other than that of voice recognition and AI infused tools, like Home and Siri. Your screen is full of their promotional banners. After all, they put off the burden of your work, although it’s a little bit. You just command them to make a to-do list of the day or play your favourite movie on your smart TV. They will obey, like a servant.

This digital trend is gradually gaining the momentum. So, the marketers are likely to optimize the website to comply with audio queries or voice search. As they are communicative, they would be a long talk. The experts will incorporate the commonest phrases, which they search using digital tools, throughout their website, be it in the blogs or the web pages. Thereby, they will ensure the top place in the SERPs.

  • Take Care of Live-Streaming: 

Live-streaming is picking up the pace. It has the power to stick viewers and you don’t need to swallow iron pills for it. Just stream ‘Live’ on any of these platforms-YouTube, Instagram and Facebook (because they are the social networks where people of all age groups love to hang out irrespective of time).

Statista has a surprising number to tell how popular the daily active stories feature of Instagram. It registered more than 400 million daily active users in 2018, which is up from 300 million in 2017. These active stories don’t need a professional tailoring. They are organic. The marketers will embed this feature in their marketing efforts to get many breakthroughs.  

  •  Video Marketing:  

Which name does pop up when you talk about streaming? It’s undoubtedly YouTube. Its community views almost 4.99 pages/head every day. You can witness the influx of traffic on it through Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, and a lot more websites. That’s why it consistently retains rank 2 on Alexa.
These statistics represent the reach of video streaming in almost every motion of life.  Its popularity is not going to calm down. Now, Instagram is going to challenge it. It’s planning to invest on longer videos.

These streaming modes hide a silver lining for marketers. They can serve information in a communicative manner to the viewers. What they should keep in mind is to consistently scatter hints of how to combat pain points, how to patch the IT problems or many more problems, besides entertainment. 

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