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Massaman curry – Calling all Beef Curry Lovers! | Mansfield Thai restaurant

Calling all Beef Curry Lovers!
Have you tried our Massaman curry packed full of great herbs and spices? It is better here for great meals with good value 

There is a lot of history in food. Take Massaman Curry at Mansfield Thai restaurant Chunky tender beef slowly cooked in coconut cream, mild curry paste, pineapple, Thai herbs with potatoes and onions.

Experience the taste of Traditional Thai Food in Melbourne

At Mansfield Thai restaurant, we create unique and healthy Thai dishes like no one else does but also maintain Thai traditional cooking techniques in order to be the place for Thai food lovers to achieve a better healthy life.

The best Thai Restaurant Melbourne with original exotic flavors and fragrances. Book your table now and savor the irresistible Thai delights at Mansfield Thai restaurant.

Mansfield Thai Restaurant name has come all the way from Sydney to give you the best taste of Authentic & fusion food in the town.

Mansfield Thai Restaurant is a Thai restaurant that’s been serving great food to Melbourne and the Suburbs like Mansfield, Mount Buller, Benalla, Alexandra, Bonnie Doon.

Mansfield Thai restaurant and cafe uncovers authentic, culturally diverse food and culture around Mansfield.

Our chefs come from Thailand & can produce authentic dishes, (hot mild or medium) or cook it according To your taste buds.

While there are many other food dish variations, Mansfield Thai concentrates on the most popular range in stir-fried dishes, noodles, salads, soups and has therefore limited our range of curries to just the more popular five, as offering a good representation of the varieties generally available.

A comprehensive selection of fresh herbs also contribute to the unique dishes that brand themselves as Thai, including coriander, garlic, turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, cardamom, basil, kaffir lime and pandanus leaves are popular fragrant spices.

Mansfield Thai restaurant and cafe - Restaurants In Mansfield
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