Reasons To Consider Memorabilia Framing
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Reasons To Consider Memorabilia Framing

When memorabilia framing is mentioned, most people automatically think of sports memorabilia but there are so many other items that can fall into this category. Apart from the usual sports guernseys, balls, bats and other sports clothing people often don’t think to frame other special memorabilia that has a personal and sentimental value rather than a monetary value. Personal items with huge sentimental value such as a baby’s first outfit or shoes, baby’s hand and feet plaster moulds, a christening dress, first dance costume or even a wedding dress or bouquet are fantastic items to frame and hang in your home. Historical items like military memorabilia framing are also very popular, things like war medals, military items like guns, bullets and uniforms make an honourable family keepsake for future generations. Music and Film memorabilia is also very popular and common items that are usually framed include old vinyl records, album covers, drumsticks, guitars and guitar picks, film cells, sheet music, and autographed items. 

With most memorabilia, the item will generally have either a sentimental or monetary value attached to it. Either way, it is important to protect your item for future generations or to protect your investment and framing is the best way to do this. By framing your item, you protect it from dust, bugs and insects discolouring or eating it, humidity, discolouration from acid in the box or bag its stored in or getting creased or damaged in the draw or cupboard it is stored in. By using professional and reputable memorabilia framers, you are assured that your item will be protected in the frame and the item has been secured properly. It is important to ask the picture framer if the materials they use are all acid free, as using materials with acid in them will discolour your item over time. It is also important to ask how the framer will be attaching your item in the frame. Make sure that their technique is removable and will not damage your item. Unfortunately, there are some inexperienced framers that will use techniques to secure items into a frame that are not removable. Once the framing is done the owner isn’t aware of the technique used to secure the item until they want to reframe or sell the item and by then it’s too late. By choosing a reputable and professional framer, you are ensuring your memorabilia is kept in pristine condition and it will retain its sentimental or monetary value well into the future. 

Another factor you may wish to consider with memorabilia framing is the extra services that your picture framer can provide. Most picture framers have a mat cutting machine called a computer mat cutter that can cut a decorative border into the mat around your item. For example, if you have an old vinyl record that is sitting just outside of the record cover the framer can design a mat that will cut a half circle around the record and then merge it with a square which will go around the cover. They also usually have a library of pre-designed borders that you could use to give your memorabilia more style or to accentuate a certain item. Computerised mat cutters can also cut a name, logo or anything you like into the mat, so you will certainly have the option of personalising your framing even further with a framer that has a computerised mat cutter. For example, if you have a football jumper, you could add the team name up the top of the matting, and the team logo down the bottom with a team photo or photo of the player. These little extras always add extra value to your items, and it enhances the overall look of the piece. 

Another reason to consider framing your memorabilia is that it looks great! Once your item, whether it be a football jumper, your child’s first ballet shoes or your relatives war medals, are framed and hanging on the wall, they are a focal point of a room and a great topic of conversation for family and friends. Imagine a room, like a mancave, where the walls are covered completely in your collectable and family memorabilia. That room would not only hold monetary value but a huge sentimental value and it would be a place of memories for your family for years to come. 

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