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Split System Aircon Install in Sydney

Split System Aircon Install in Sydney

Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioning 

If you wish to heat or cool individual rooms in your house or apartment, split system ac will be the perfect option. 
What’s the definition of a Split System AC unit?
In the simplest terms, a split system ac is one comprised of two main parts, and indoor and an outdoor unit. This system is designed to heat or cool a specific space, rather than an entire house or building. It takes up less space than a conventional system, is economic and efficient to operate, and is less costly than most other, larger systems.
What are the advantages and Price of a Split System Aircon Install?
These units are almost always less expensive to buy, install, and operate.  Because you are cooling a specific room or area which keep the aircon cost down, each unit is smaller, thus costing less. There is no installing of ducting, which also reduces cost. And since these units are designed to be energy efficient and don't lose any of the cooled air to traveling through duct work, you'll note that your electrical costs will be lower than with conventional systems.

A split air conditioner unit price veries due to the size and make of the unti. The outdoor unit is about the size of a suitcase, although some are slightly larger or smaller. They require a little bit of empty space around them for the dissipation of heat, yet they still take up less than half the space of a conventional compressor unit. This makes them ideal for smaller sites, mobile or tiny homes, or other areas where space is limited.
Multi-Split System Air Conditioning Solutions
Multi-Split Systems are ideal for Sydney Eastern Suburbs & Inner West of Sydney
Heating and cooling up to 5 rooms
Homes with limited space for ducted air conditioning When you want to control room temperatures individually.
What’s a Multi Split System Air Conditioner?
In every family or couple, there’s always someone who loves the room to be icy cold. And there are those who want comfort without a chill. A Multi Split System Air Conditioner lets you run multiple air conditioners with just one outside compressor, giving you independent temperature control over each room. You can choose which rooms and the type of indoor unit for each room.
What are the advantages of a Multi Split System?
There are three key benefits.
Firstly, it’s a convenient, economical air solution, allowing maximum comfort, with minimum running costs, because you can heat or cool rooms exactly as you need.
Secondly, with just one outdoor unit, you can choose up to 5 different kinds of indoor units to suit each rooms décor. Choose from wall-mounted, duct connected, floor-standing ceiling suspended or a cassette type unit.
Thirdly, separate controls let you tailor and control the climate in each room, so everyone’s happy.

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