Sushi Is Finger Food and Good For Office Catering

Sushi Is Finger Food and Good For Office Catering

Is Sushi Finger Food?

If you carefully look at the way people eat sushi at both low-end and high-end restaurants, you will see that some use chopsticks while others eat with their hands. I know there’s a lot being said about sushi etiquettes but it’s completely acceptable to eat sushi with your hands. Trust me on this!

Is sushi good for finger food catering then?  Yes, you may call it so. Although ‘finger foods’ is more of a western thing, referring to the appetizers one can eat with fingers, sushi perfectly fits into that description. After all, you can pick a piece of nigiri or sushi roll with your fingers and put into your mouth as a whole.

The reason why people still shy away from calling sushi finger food is probably that many cultures look down upon eating with fingers. Even some sushi snobs disapprove of people not knowing how to use chopsticks to pick nigiri or sushi rolls, but you really don’t need to pay any heed to them.

However, let’s not forget that sushi is highly regarded for being an exquisite form of art created by chefs who sometimes take years to master it. So, calling it finger food may sound degrading to some. While my intention is not to shame the culinary art form, it just pertains to the way this food is eaten.

Nigiri Sushi Was Originally Created To Be Finger Food

When nigiri sushi first came into being, they were sold from street-side shops and carts, not fine dining restaurants. Before the 18th century, sushi was not a popular food but the era suddenly saw a sudden growth in food stalls and nigiri sushi was created to match the take-out menu.


Yohei Hanaya, who is considered as the father of sushi invented this special hand-pressed sushi known as nigirizushi. At that time, tuna was not as popular as it is today. The fish was abundantly available in the sea and it was cheap. So, Hanaya put together vinegared rice and tuna fillets to create the first form of finger food in Japan and it kicked off a tuna-craze.

The sheer beauty of nigirizushi made it more appealing to the hungry and busy pedestrians who were too busy to sit down and eat. This form of finger food became an easy and delicious option for them to eat quickly on the go.

The visual presentation combined with the freshness of tuna and quick preparation time made it an instant hit. Hanaya’s original nigiri sushi closely resembles the sushi you can find today at the restaurants. He also used a dollop of wasabi on his nigiri, a tradition that is still followed.

Hands or Chopsticks for sushi?

Many may think that high-end sushi restaurants have strict manners to observe and that you may not be able to just casually walk in and eat, but this is not really the case. Paying attention to some basic rules and manners will have you eating maguro (tuna) just like a local — and prevent any embarrassing faux pas at that fancy sushi shop.*    Don’t wear strong scents

A sushi restaurant mainly provides in-season ingredients. These ingredients are not only full of flavor, but also take on a beautiful aroma. Avoid wearing too much perfume, as it may overpower the fragrance of the ingredients.

       Eat sushi in any order

Much like wine, it’s commonly said in Japan that you should begin with a white fish and finish with a sushi that has bold flavors. However, that is not entirely true. You can eat what you want, whenever you want to eat it. This is possible to do in any restaurant. Just make sure to cleanse your palate by drinking something like tea to refresh your tastebuds before eating more delicate, lighter fish after eating a bold tasting sushi.

       Eat sushi with your hands or your chopsticks

This is a big issue and one that many people will likely have questions about. Sushi platters can be eaten with your bare hands or the provided hashi (chopsticks). There are pros and cons to each method and neither one is the considered the  “proper” way.

       Eat sushi in one bite

Sushi is a work of art where the cut of the fish, plus the softness and temperature of the rice is carefully calculated. By eating the fish and the rice together in one piece, a new world will unfold in your mouth. If you feel self-conscious about opening your mouth too wide, it’s possible to ask for a smaller portion.

These simple manners will go a long way to help you and your hosts feel comfortable enjoying a night out with some a traditional sushi — and getting the best out of that culinary piece of art into which the taisho has put all his efforts.

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