The Better Sleep Advice Checklist

The Better Sleep Advice Checklist

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from insomnia? It can be hard to fall asleep sometimes, and for some people, not having a proper bedtime contributes to an already hard time falling asleep. It may be surprising, but very few adults have a sleep schedule and a routine, but it's never too late to develop one!

Make sure you're setting up a regular sleep schedule that your internal clock can get used to. It's important for adults to get anywhere from six to nine hours of quality sleep. By knowing this, you can work towards setting up a sleep schedule that is best for your situation.

How To Prepare Yourself For Sleep

In order to get to sleep on time, you need to make a few preparations that can prep your body and mind for rest. Here are a few ideas that you may find beneficial for your planning:

-Take a warm bath before heading off to bed. Do keep in mind that the water shouldn't be hot, but warm enough to keep you relaxed.

-Trouble with too much noise in your mind? Start writing a to-do list for the following day ahead. Doing so will de-clutter your thoughts.

-Try working out your muscles lightly by doing some basic yoga stretches. Bear in mind, you don't want to do any real exercising as it will contribute to staying awake.

-Relaxing activities are another good idea right before bedtime. Some people find that reading before bedtime helps them escape and clear their minds of any worries that may impact sleep. If you're not a keen reader, listening to relaxation music can make a big difference.

How To Prepare Your Bedroom For Sleep

Experts all agree that most of us connect our bedrooms with sleep. Having said that, your bedroom environment should be conducive for sleep. That means you should avoid bright lights and any distractions (i.e. smartphones) that may keep you awake. A poor mattress or a large television set can also hinder your association with sleep when staying in your bedroom! So, our advice is to invest in a Beautyrest mattress rather than a large screen.

Keep your bedroom a designated area for sleep and love-making. It's a known fact, and has been for thousands of years, that having sex in the bedroom makes one tired.

Here are some bedroom preparation ideas:

-Keep your room neat, tidy, and free of any clutter that doesn't belong. The temperature should be a comfortable 18C to 24C with all lighting blocked out. Some people don't like window treatments, but light blocking drapery can help make the bedroom a better place. If there are noisy distractions that bother you, try earplugs or using white noise!

-It's also important to pinpoint the problems that hinder your sleep. For some insomniacs, a sleep diary that outlines daily habits can help. Your diary can also help medical professionals reach a conclusive diagnosis in regards to your insomnia.

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