Tips to consider during a Kitchen Renovation

Tips to consider during a Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the most important room in your home.

It is the busiest room in the house as is used by everyone.
It needs to be both functional and fashionable.
Your home’s value typically rises with a kitchen renovation.

Here are some important things to be considered during a kitchen renovation:

1. Quality Materials - Always buy the best quality materials you can afford. When it comes to kitchen renovations, you want to have high-quality, functional items, both for your own use and for potential resale value.

2. Cabinets - Cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen. Sticking with standard sizes can help to reduce the costs associated with your kitchen redesign. However, standard kitchen cabinet dimensions don’t mean you have to have a standard looking kitchen. The layout, colour, set-up and decoration will make your kitchen unique!

3. Paint - Painting the kitchen will help bring a much-needed sparkle back to it. In some ways, painting the kitchen is an easier project than painting bedrooms or living rooms because the amount of wall space tends to be limited.

4. Benchtops - Tempting though it is to choose a benchtop based on looks alone, a material's durability, maintenance and of course, cost, are also important factors to consider when making a selection for a kitchen remodel.

Once a colour and style are chosen it pays to discuss, with your builder, if there are similar products available.

5. The Island - If you put in an island, get ready for the kitchen to get rowdy. For families, the island can also be a spot where kids can do their homework while the parents are cooking or prepping for a meal, so it can help keep the family engaged and connected.

Also a great space for friends to sit and chat over a cuppa or something stronger!

6. Surfaces - A surface remodel grants you the opportunity to make changes that improve the overall appearance of your kitchen without costing an arm and a leg. Basically, a surface remodel includes a number of cosmetic refinishing options such as, refacing cabinets or painting the kitchen walls a different colour. This is a very low budget option and there are a number of companies offering this service if that is all your budget can allow.

7. Appliances - If you are renovating your kitchen, unless your appliances are less than 3 years old, budget on replacement.
With a new layout you can choose different appliances that are more suited to your changing needs.

8. Lighting - The most obvious reason as to why kitchen lighting is so essential, is that it maximises the visibility in working areas. Well placed ceiling spotlights help to illuminate worktops for food preparation, whereas under unit or cabinet lighting styles assist darker spots within the kitchen.

9. Design the kitchen to your own preference - Having the kitchen designed to your own taste is what makes it special.

You can check out our website's gallery page for images where we have worked with our clients to achieve exactly what they wanted


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