Types of Composite Decking

Types of Composite Decking

With the emergence of modern composites, Deck Construction has become more stylish, sleeker, and comes with a finished appearance. Modern population enjoy using these lightweight composites in building decks around their dream home. Builders and architects are also preferring this composites material in their construction processes.

These Composite boards are also easy to handle, install and require minimum maintenance when compared to traditional wood-based decking. Colour doesn't fade easily, more durable, and there are no chances of splinters or rot from any natural cause. These composites are completely safe and child-friendly too with anti-slip qualities. Brite Deck offers long term warranty that extends from 15 years to 30 years based on residential usage of the products.

Here are the main types of Composite Decking available in the market.

Wood Plastic Composite

These composite products are a mixture of wood fibre and thermoplastics in the form of PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride), PP(PolyPropene), PLA(Polylactic acid), PP(Polypropylene), PE(Polythene). Chemical additives are added during processing conditions and provide integration of the elements as a composite. These products can be fully made from recycled products and often enjoy the tag of being eco-friendly.

Brite Deck Classic WPC range has 15 year warranty period, comes in three colours of copper brown, grey, and mountain ash. Our products are manufactured with a clip system to ensure your products have a clean finish with starter clips, deck clip & screws, ned caps, and batten respectively.

Capped Composite Decking

Although Capped Composite deckings have similar properties with WPC range still their last shell is coated with a further polymer that adds more qualities to the products. These have a superior external protective layer that prevents any damage from cracking, stains, mould, mildew or any other natural rotting factor.

Brite Deck's titanium range comes with capped decking backed by 30-year-long warranty. This ASA decking is the best synthetic composite material available in the market. Comes in three main colours as desert sand, pacific Merbau, and Silver Gray with three configurations as a board, streaking, and textured pattern as well. Customised colours are also arranged with special requirement and extended delivery time.

These composites products are not recommended for painting or staining of any kind. Normal cleaning of deck exterior surface with a water hose will remove most of the dirt marks. While soap and scrub method can be used twice or thrice in a year to bring back the shine. You can use a steel wire brush for spot stains and the brushed area will have fresher look in no time.

At Brite Decking We offer these products with all the fixing to make your whole process easy in every aspect. Installation of these composite decking is more time-efficient than wood-based decking as no drilling, nailing or punching is required at all. Deck Construction can be also done at home by taking in all the precautionary measures. At Brite Deck, we are one of the most premium companies with for manufacturing these composite materials. For any more customised solutions get connected with our team now!

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