Using Rubber Stamps For Making Handmade Cards

Using Rubber Stamps For Making Handmade Cards

Using Rubber Stamps For Making Handmade Cards

Rubber stamps have a lot of uses. It came a long way to what it was before to what it is now. In the early days, it was known as a corporate tool used for printing seals and logos. Now, it's known mainly as an arts and crafts material for creating quirky prints and awesome impressions. It's fast, easy and super fun to use. Children or adults alike will always find rubber stamps as a multipurpose tool that they can use in various ways. 

The Impact of Handmade Cards

When it comes to handmade cards, it's important that you create it with simplicity and love. Handmade cards are a cheap yet effective way to show messages, emotions, and feelings. That's why you should make it with passion and effort to show to your recipients that you made an effort in making a creative card especially for them. That means you should not use printers, digital card making applications, and the like. Card making should be created manually. You should use manual tools - like a rubber stamp for making imprints. 

Using Rubber Stamps For Card Making

A rubber stamp is an excellent addition to your arts and crafts materials. It's a fun and convenient tool for making art prints for any type of artistic project. Since Rubber stamps are available in different shapes and sizes, you can literally come up with the best designs for your rubber stamps. You can even use rubber stamps to create cards for different occasions. Whether its weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, or any event you can think of, rubber stamps is a valuable tool to have for your card making activities. With the versatility of a rubber stamp, you can essentially use it for multiple purposes and can even be used to create impressions of different sizes and shapes. If you’re looking for a cheap yet efficient way to create and design your handmade cards, a rubber stamp would definitely be a useful tool to have. 

When creating a handmade card, you need to have the following tools: a plain blank card, a rubber stamp, an ink pad, and several other materials that will depend on the theme or type of card you’re going to make. But whatever material you use, a rubber stamp should always be on your list no matter what. Also keep in mind that when it comes to handmade cards, spending too much is not an option. You should make your card at the cheapest amount possible, without sacrificing style and elegance. That’s the beauty of handmade cards. It looks terrific, but at the same time, it also comes in cheap, which is very convenient for people who are on a budget. So you won’t have to worry about any expensive materials as handmade cards should be made using the cheapest variants and does not need to be super extravagant to look good. Keep in mind that simplicity will always win in terms of design and appeal. That’s why take that to your advantage and start creating the most beautiful designs using your rubber stamps. 

Despite the popularity and usefulness of rubber stamps, many people still overlook its significance. The reason is that they think rubber stamps might not be able to have the type of shape or design that they are looking for. This is one of the mistakes that most people think, which is entirely not the case. Rubber stamps actually have a wide range of styles and designs that you can utilise to full effect. So whatever type of card you’re making, you can rest assured that there’s a rubber stamp available to suit your needs. 

Why You Should Not Go For Themed Stamps

A common misconception that most people make is going for themed stamps. While they do make our lives easier in terms of design and layout, your card will come off as too generic. Keep in mind that when it comes to card making, you should make it as unique as possible. If your card is too common, then you’ve just wasted your effort as people are not going to appreciate it as much as when you create specially made greeting cards that really come from the heart. That’s why instead of themed stamps, you should go for all-purpose stamps instead as you can use it for multiple occasions. You can even be creative with it by using it to create different designs. What you should always do is improvise and think of different ways you can use a single stamp. For instance, you can use a heart-shaped stamp as a head of an arrow by positioning it upside down, or you can use a shrunken-shaped stamp as a star. The possibilities are endless! It is only limited by your imagination. 

Buying The Ideal Rubber Stamps 

If you’re not familiar with rubber stamp buying, you might spend more money than you should. You don’t have to spend so much to get the best stamps for your card making project. There are several cheap rubber stamps out there in the market that you can use for making handmade cards. They don’t cost that much yet are still super effective when it comes to creating quality impressions. Rubber stamps are available everywhere. Here are some of the most common ways that you can purchase rubber stamps for cheap. 

Online Shopping

If there’s any place on the internet where you can find a wide variety of cheap rubber stamps, it would have to be on shopping websites. Sure you can go for sites that exclusively sell rubber stamps. However, the price, shipping or delivery fee may be too high to compensate it on its own. That’s why you should go for shopping websites like Amazon or eBay. There's an assortment of available rubber stamps in the market today. What you should be looking for are the ones That are cheap yet super effective. Some varieties of ideal rubber stamps to buy are secondhand stamps and cheap stamps. Some products also come with timely discount promos that drastically reduce their overall price. Once you start browsing for your desired stamp, you’d be amazed at just how many cheap stamps are out there, all found in your favourite online shopping website.

Promos & Sales 

If you want to buy rubber stamps for cheap, you’ll have to get used to monitoring for upcoming promos and sales from both online and physical stores. Get updates for when a particular store will offer discounts and mark the dates. Once the day arrives, you should make your purchase right away. There are also several stores that provide discount sales for their rubber stamps and other office supply. That means you get a small window where these items are available for cheap. So you need to act immediately and purchase as much rubber stamps as you need. However, make sure not to get overwhelmed by the number of option that you have as it will result in you over purchasing your stamps. You can also buy your stamps at the end of every season as it would be the time when discounts are most rampant. It’s where associated materials drop in their price. 

DIY Stamps

The last and final option is where you absolutely have zero intentions of spending money on rubber stamps. With that in mind, we suggest you do DIY stamps. This type of stamp is where you create your own stamps from materials such as craft foam, used rubber, and the like. Using these materials, you can come up with different shapes and sizes that you need for your card making. It would also mean that the sky’s the limit when it comes to stamping any shape that you prefer. All you need is the material to be cut into custom stamps, a razor, and a bottle of paint or ink.


 You can thrive by using stamps for your card making purposes. Handmade cards are made better using rubber stamps of different shapes and sizes. All you need is your imagination and a functional multipurpose rubber stamp. For more information on how you can use your rubber stamps, visit E-Stamps New Zealand.

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