What Preparations Should You Do to Get Data Analysis Job in 2019?

What Preparations Should You Do to Get Data Analysis Job in 2019?

Have you heard about recession due to artificial intelligence (AI)?

Is it the hearsay only? Or, is there any truth in it?

Undoubtedly, the stretching of machine learning, voice recognition and artificial intelligence is in every walk of life. It’s storming in. And, those who remain illiterate of AI won’t go a long way. Their employment journey will wrap up soon. Explicitly, AI-based jobs would be dominating in the future. If you know how to trace the untapped patterns and data analysis perfectly, your job is reserved. Even, 84 percent of recruiters have stamped over this prophecy perceiving an upsurge in the hiring activity as per a survey report of Naukri Hiring Outlook 2019. Moreover, you can work as a virtual assistant while outsourcing your skills & expertise. It’s certainly a prospect to expand your visibility. Your earning will multiply accordingly.

 What preparations should you do to generate jobs in 2019?

  • Upskilling: A PwC report says that people will work, but the AI will integrate efficiency to their work. But, it might be a dream unless you add upskilling. It’s all about teaching additional skills. A report by Garter highlighted that faster upskilling triggers faster AI deployment.   
  • The company like Microsoft has embraced this idea. Rohini Srivastav, National Technology Officer of Microsoft India stated that its company aims at upskilling 10,000 developers, setting up AI labs in 10 state-of-art universities and training 5 lakh youths of India over the upcoming three years.
  • If you’re also looking forward to crack a competitive examination in the government, public or private sector, AI data analysis and knowledge will be an edge.
  • Prepare functional specialists: Enterprises are focusing on taking all advantages of AI. It won’t be possible unless you have an experienced team of data scientists and data analysts. With the efforts and skills of this team, it’s a walkover to make sense out of the data pulled through technology disruptions. It’s in every domain and discipline of a business today.
  • You can identify the quantum of likes, dislikes or many other metrics of explosive sale of a specific product through a set of consumers’ data. If you handle a business operation, let’s say marketing operations, the knowledge of predictive analysis and competitive analysis via AI apps and tools would be a value addition. It will ensure the penetration of a specialist’s role by the time you gain experience.
  • AI literacy: A TeamLease report reveals that the Indian IT sector will have a boom in 2019.  The skilled ones of AI, machine learning and robotics driven technology would be eligible for grabbing around 2.5 lakh new jobs.
  • Not only has the automation removed manual practices, but it also has generated a wide scope for AI-driven solutions. The machine intelligence, be it through voice recognition or analysis apps, has outpaced the way an industrialist thinks and does work. Out of the box ideas are taking a rise in the form of unforeseen data patterns. Consequently, upgraded businesses are outperforming by swiping the offbeat lifestyle and psychology of consumers.
  • Developmental workshops: It needs two to get it right. These two would be faculty and the students. The spread of AI requires training with the arrival of every new upgrade. It’s possible through developmental workshops. Even, Microsoft will deliver a wide range of AI developmental tools and Azure AI Services for upskilling faculties and students with cloud computing, data science, AI and IoT.
  • So, the on-the- job individuals should induce these skills by attending developmental workshops to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Focus on research:  The Gartner report clearly stated that AI will be a positive job stimulator by 2020. It will ensure 2.3 million new jobs while eliminating 1.8 million jobs. This finding is an outcome of a deep research. Every research carries the intelligence. The only thing that can track is the lens of an expert data analyst. If you talk particularly about the US, it pays over $11 billion to India for data analysis every year, according to this study.

 Certainly, many breakthroughs underlie a research. While keeping this fact into account, the prospective job seekers should be well-versed with the latest technology. It’s a need of the hour to occupy a desirable job in the government as well as private sector.

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