What You Need To Know About Relationship Counselling

What You Need To Know About Relationship Counselling

Many couples want to know if they actually need relationship counselling. I am often asked if there are specific warning signs to look for, that show a couple is ready. Reaching out to a counsellor is not always easy, so people may assume they should try other resources first.

I provide relationship counselling in Melbourne. I understand that admitting you need help as a couple can be challenging. Marriages and long-term relationships are supposed to be positive experiences. Some people even believe that true love should be effortless – if it is meant to be, it will be.  However, great relationships take effort.

Relationship counselling brings up concerns and questions; truths are exposed and hidden feelings come out in the open. And there may be fears about the counselling sessions too. Will the relationship counsellor understand and respect my feelings, even though my partner feels so differently? Will they take sides or blame me? Will I be awkward and nervous, talking about such personal issues with a stranger? These fears and concerns are so normal.

What Can a Relationship Counsellor Provide?

All relationships go through rough patches, even those that have proven themselves to be resilient and long-lasting. Great relationships change as their context changes, and there can be new and unexpected pressures. Major life events impact relationships: engagements and weddings, the birth of a baby, career progression, and health problems. These events offer a whirlwind of emotions, and brand new challenges for couples to navigate through.

Sometimes two people can simply grow apart, and a loss of connection can follow. The underlying problems are not so clear. Whether you know the cause of your stress or not, a relationship counsellor can provide valuable support, and guide you through the healing process.

Counselling For Every Relationship Stage

There is no specific time when you should connect with a counsellor, but the best time may be sooner than you think. You don’t need to wait until your relationship hits rock bottom, because there is a greater chance of positive change if you receive support earlier.

An objective, outside person can be a positive light for any relationship. You may have lost sight of the strengths in your relationship. The safe and neutral environment of the counselling room is excellent for productive discussions. Do you waste energy, arguing with your partner at home? Is your decision making process as a couple longer and more painful than it should be?

Relationship counselling can give people the confidence to speak up about important topics that usually make them nervous. When addressed early, disagreements in a relationship may be smoothed out quickly and easily. And deep, negative emotions like resentment and jealousy never get the chance to build up over time.

How Can I Benefit From Relationship Coaching?

I also provide the service of relationship coaching, which is similar to pre-marital counselling except couples can benefit from it at any time. Coaching is for developing a happy and healthy relationship, deepening your love, and strengthening your existing bond. Relationship coaching can empower you with new skills in decision making and conflict resolution. You may even find new ways to have fun, show affection, and enjoy being together as loved ones.

Book Your Relationship Counselling Appointment

I design my counselling and coaching sessions to meet the unique needs of my clients. Every relationship is special, and every relationship has its own strengths and needs. Please call me on 0417 169 653 for more information, or to book your first appointment.

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