Why invest in outplacement services?
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Why invest in outplacement services?

When you hold a leadership role in any business, there is a strong likelihood you will be faced with managing an organisational restructure. 

While this change can be difficult to deal with on an emotional level, there’s also the challenge of deciding which roles must be made redundant. 

As your choices could potentially impact loyal and dedicated employees, you need to ensure there are proper processes in place to provide them with necessary support. 

How you choose to handle redundancies will also have an impact on your company’s brand and reputation, both of which are critical for attracting talent in today’s increasingly competitive job market. 

By demonstrating compassion and handling the matter with respect, you will be able to help exiting employees come to terms with the situation while mitigating reputational damage. 

A trusted and experienced outplacement provider can coach you through the challenges of managing redundancies, helping you and your people to move forward during a difficult time.

What is outplacement?

Outplacement or career transition services are often confused with recruitment services, employee assistance programs and other outsourcing services.

What an outplacement provider offers is a range of services that are designed to support business leaders as well as employees during transition periods.

As a leader managing an organisational restructure, company downsizing or a merger and/or acquisition, outplacement support could include:

  • Assistance with strategic planning
  • Assistance with people planning
  • Leadership support
  • Management training 
  • For employees whose roles have been made redundant, this could include: 
  • Emotional support 
  • Career guidance and coaching 
  • Practical advice on how to secure a new job opportunity 
By providing them with holistic support, existing employees can identify their priorities and career goals as they work toward finding their next opportunity.
Benefits of outplacement services
Every member of your organisation can benefit from outplacement services. From nurturing company culture to ensuring a successful transition, an outplacement provider can support your organisation in a range of different ways.
Support exiting employees
When an employee is made redundant, they face uncertain times ahead. Losing their position can have a significant impact on their mental and emotional health, potentially leading them re-evaluate their future career direction. There are also financial consequences for them to grapple with that may put additional pressure on them and their family.

By providing exiting employees with outplacement support, you are giving them the best chance for success. As redundancies are not a reflection on employee performance, it is in the interest of fairness to help those impacted as they transition to their next opportunity.
Maintain relationships
It makes sense to maintain a healthy relationship with employees when they are made redundant. If they have been a conscientious employee during their time with your company, their departure should not be negatively impacted by feelings of ill will. By offering them outplacement services, you are helping them to make their transition as smooth as possible, ensuring no bridges are burned.

Every employee that passes in and out of your organisation can be considered an ambassador for your brand. When talking with new colleagues and other industry members, they will share their experiences of working with your company. How you manage their redundancy will largely influence their opinion of your business and the narrative they communicate to others.
Upskill leaders
As an executive, you may have risen to your position due to your years of experience and well-developed skillset, but there is always room to learn and grow. Outplacement services can provide you with the training you need to effectively manage your organisational restructure. The service could also include having an experienced coach who can advise you and aid your decision making throughout the process.
Strengthen morale
It’s important to remember that redundancies also have an impact on employees who have retained their positions. The process can breed mistrust and uncertainty in company culture, leading to low morale and reduced productivity.

If redundancies are handled fairly and appropriately through outplacement services, it demonstrates your commitment to supporting your staff. It also sets the right tone for moving forward as a restructured organisation.
Attract quality talent
While a restructure can lead to redundancies, it can also create positions that require new talent to be hired. Your company brand and reputation will significantly impact your ability to attract quality talent. If negative word of mouth begins to spread, your organisation could struggle to find the right individuals to support your new direction. Outplacement services can ensure your staff feel cared for and well looked after, helping to strengthen your reputation.
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