Yes, You Can Be Bothered! How To Stay Motivated To Visit The Gym

Yes, You Can Be Bothered! How To Stay Motivated To Visit The Gym

For many of us, one of the major stumbling points that prevent us from achieving our fitness goals is that of motivation. Let’s face it, it’s not really that enthralling to pound the treadmill or stare at yourself in the mirror as you struggle with yet another set of reps.

But help is at hand with these innovative ways to get your motivation back on track, and get you buzzing to commit to those training efforts that saw you signing up to the gym in the first place…

  • Spice up your routine: Boredom is one of the key reasons many of us give up. So as soon as you feel your visits are getting a little tedious, it’s time to take action! Don’t fancy the gym today? No problem - go for a swim instead. Can’t face being indoors when the sun’s shining? Stick your trainers on and go for a run. Fed up with the isolation of your headphones and those monotonous machines? Try a class activity. In fact, mixing and matching your training efforts is massively advantageous as it requires a different kind of effort. And that boils down to increased results – the very reason you work out in the first place.
  • Buddy up: Got a friend who works out? Or can you persuade your partner to come? It doesn’t matter who, but committing with another person gives you double motivation - theirs, and the fact that you don’t want to let them down.
  • Get competitive: There’s a bunch of apps that let you share and compete with friends. Fitbit, Nike, Apple, My Fitness Pal are but a few that let you join a community of like-minded people, each striving to reach their own fitness goals. For those with a competitive personality these can be massively motivational, and the same applies to those who take heart from positive support and the feeling of being in a community.
  • Track your progress: Long gone are the days when the only way to do this was by your colour coded card in the folder at the gym. Get yourself a wearable fitness tracker and every time you feel de-motivated check out how far you’ve progressed. From calories burned to heart rate to VO2 max, today’s tech allows us to see how much we’ve improved over the weeks, months and years. Such reflection prevents us from focusing on how far we still have to go, and instead shows us how far we’ve already come.

And don’t ever forget the potency of rest days. It’s vital to listen to your body, and taking days out from training is just as necessary as sticking to your routine. If your lack of motivation is because your body’s craving a day off, then that’s something that’s crucial to recognise. And a day or two rest from training each week is what’s needed for your muscles to repair and revitalise for the next effort. Building essential recovery time into a training plan is on its own a massive motivational tool.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your fitness efforts it can really help to get some professional advice. Bailey Fitness has gyms in Southern River, Morley and Baldivis, and their friendly staff are great at helping you discover training plans that not only bring results but also keep you interested and motivated to hit your goals. Why not pop in to one of their locations to find out more, or visit to discover why they’re the gym of choice for so many WA residents.

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