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Pet & Animal Services in Australia. Welcome to Oh Barney, the premier destination for Australia's highest-rated custom pet portraits and personalized human portraits. As the trusted name in transforming your cherished photos into stunning works of art, we offer a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.
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Pet & Animal Services in Australia. RumenWorks Nutrition: Australia's Premier Animal Nutrition Specialist. Located in the heart of Australia, RumenWorks Nutrition stands as a leading provider of superior animal nutrition solutions. Our mission extends beyond simply offering feed; we are committed to delivering exceptional quality supplements tailored to nourish cattle and sheep. We focus particularly on the pivotal organs - the heart, uterus, and most importantly, the rumen.
CloseAdelaide K9 Services
Pet & Animal Services in Australia. Welcome to Adelaide K9 Services, the leading dog behaviorist in Adelaide, Australia. With a deep-rooted passion for canine well-being, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services tailored to meet the individual needs of both dogs and their owners. At Adelaide K9 Services, we understand that each dog is unique, and our training programs are specifically designed to address a wide range of behavioral issues.
CloseRussian Therapy Cats
Pet & Animal Services in Australia. Terapiya Cattery aims to provide Russian Blue cats and kittens, based in NSW Australia. We aim to provide kittens to upcoming and experienced pet owners, as well as aiming to support those with disabilities and mental health issues. Our kittens have solid genetics and temperaments, and we try to work as closely as possible with families to suit their needs. Please reach out or visit our website for regular updates and blogs.
CloseGreyhounds As Pets
Pet & Animal Services in Australia. Greyhounds Make Great Pets is a not for profit initiative coordinated by Greyhound Racing NSW and dedicated to matching the right greyhound to you and your circumstances so that greyhounds retiring from the racing industry can find their forever homes. Greyhounds make fantastic pets for families, working people and the elderly. Greyhounds are: Gentle, Affectionate, Clean, Quiet, Good with other dogs (some also love cats), LOW maintenance and Long lived.
CloseDesigner Pet Portraits
Pet & Animal Services in Australia. Elevate your pet's presence in your life with a remarkable pet portrait from Designer Pet Portraits. Imagine gazing upon your furry friend's expressive eyes, their playful antics, or their serene moments, all beautifully captured on canvas or in digital art form. Our talented artists pour their passion into each piece, ensuring your pet's unique personality and charm shine through.
CloseBarker & Bone
Pet & Animal Services in Australia. Barker & Bone was founded in 2016 from a small corner of a spare room. We had a handful of scrap copper pieces, a brass hammer and two good boys who needed some style added to their dog collars. The workshop has now expanded to a studio in Sydney's Hills District where you can find us hammering away on a bench (Marty) or enjoying the day in the sunshine (Bailey & Wesley).