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Blue Wren’s acupuncture treatment space is our home. And being our home, you are welcomed with all the warmth and kindness that we extend to our family and friends from the moment you reach the door. Far from the usual clinical treatment room, at Blue Wren Acupuncture you will find a quiet, calm, relaxing space with every comfort. We make sure that you are cared for, that you have the time you need, and that your experience with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping and gua sha has you feeling like you can’t wait to come back.

When someone loves their job it shows, and this is definitely the case with Shannon at Blue Wren Acupuncture. Since her very first experience with acupuncture, Shannon has been passionate about sharing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with others. Shannon happily goes the ‘extra mile’ to have you feeling better, and with years of experience combined with diligence and compassion we are sure you will find Shannon always has your best interests at heart.

Blue Wren Acupuncture provides treatments to suit patients with a wide variety of health concerns. What we see most of at Blue Wren are people with...

  • fertility concerns, during pregnancy, and women’s health and hormonal issues,
  • chronic pain including migraines, and
  • depression, anxiety and high stress.

We commonly see people whose health concerns sound like “well, where do I start?” or “I am taking so many medications and supplements that I just don’t want to take any more”.

At Blue Wren, of course we love acupuncture. But we don’t mind one little bit if needles are not for you. We have several ways we might be able to help you, and finding the right approach starts with understanding what you need and what works for you.

We have 3 different options that you can book – acupuncture, herbal medicine or cupping and gua sha (see our services for more information). An acupuncture session could be just that, or any combination of services that best meets your needs. For more information or to find out which option might work best for you, we’re happy to chat first, just give us a call.

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