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Review By RobertR on Thursday, Mar 02, 2017
i joined up to PureLocal's $5 per month plan , I don't see the point in paying more when the enterprise plan costs alot more and you don't get much more out of it unless you want to list thousands of products or other. My advice would be to go with the $5 per month plan and save your cash.
Review By Jubilee Pools on Saturday, Feb 04, 2017
Outstanding Experience!
Review By JayQ123 on Saturday, Feb 04, 2017
Would highly recommend everyone to use this directory. Thanks for being so responsive.
Review By Time Out Pet Care on Wednesday, Jan 04, 2017
Well priced and user friendly.
Review By Male To Male Encounters on Monday, Jan 02, 2017
really happy with my listing how it looks and reads, great work pure local. thanks scott
Review By Brian on Thursday, Dec 29, 2016
PureLocal helped our business , got us some social activity...Which is leading to a few more sales , cost us $15 dollars a few months ago lthough they may have put their price up since. It's very affordable given what they offer , review 5/5

    About Us

    Over 100,000 Australian businesses list on PureLocal to enhance their brand and connect with more customers. Our business listings include social marketing & sharing , unlimited product listings and publishing of audio files , video , articles , events , coupons , job advertisements , properties , classifieds and more. Use our search tools to find what you're looking for by service or location.

    PureLocal rank high in all major search engines and have over 300,000 unique web pages indexed which means we receive a large number of Australian visitors each and every month. Companies, services and government departments list with PureLocal Australia to benefit from our wide exposure and respected reputation. We list all business types who provide goods and/or services to the Australian consumer.

    Note : Account and profile page setup takes approximately 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of content you wish to upload. The addition of photos , social media , real estate , contact business details , audio files etc does not usually take longer than 5-10 minutes. However , if you have many products to upload please contact us and we will upload any number of products via CSV file. Lower numbers of products can be added manually.

    PureLocal respects the privacy of our users and has developed this Privacy Policy to demonstrate its commitment to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy is intended to describe for you, as an individual who is a user of PureLocal (and all websites and URL's controlled or operated by PureLocal which link to this policy, unless otherwise specified) or our services, or otherwise provide us with information through various means the information we collect, how that information may be used, with whom it may be shared, and your choices about such uses and disclosures.

    Please contact us by email and we will respond to your query or request within 12 - 24 hours. We receive a very large number of phone calls and do not currently have the staff on hand to effectively answer most. Our  Business and Premium accounts are self managed and are very easy to use , in both editing and adding content to your live business profile(s). However , if you experience an issue of any kind please  contact us and our technicians will have the issue raised and resolved within 12-24 hours.


    PureLocal are currently seeking intelligent , self motivated , energetic, and entrepreneurial gurus to grow its talented team. Established during rise of the .com age , PureLocal is now an established and highly profitable Web Business Directory that continues to grow every year.

    The culture of PureLocal is hardworking yet relaxed with a light roster (stress should not be a part of any employment in our opinion). Our headquarters are based in Sydey , New South Wales with satellite offices in New York (USA) and Massachusetts (USA) for growth into those regions (projected 2018).

    Our core goal of helping Internet users find valuable and relevant information should be a mindset shared by all staff who work at PureLocal. Acting as a medium for businesses to advertise and market their products/services into the Australian market , PureLocal continues to grow its product offerings in an environment where creativity is welcomed and ingenuity is encouraged.

    The following job opportunities are currently available...

    Sales Planner : In this role, you provide support to the sales force. Responsibilities include working with all current advertisers, as well as working with sales members in putting together proposals for new and existing advertisers.

    Technician : Assist various operations and development teams installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining all devices and services to support the daily operations of data.

    Search Engineer : Work with the IT department to analyze search trends and patterns, modify search algorithms, and develop additional search opportunities.

    To inquire about any of the job opportunities listed above, please send an email to 'growth @' with the job title in the subject line and your resume included within the email body – no attachments please. PureLocal is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer who do not discriminate when reviewing any job applications.

    Excluding religious belief ; PureLocal consider applications from all applicants without regard to sexual orientation , race , marital status , age (over 18) , personality type or any other characteristic which cannot cause physical harm.

    Abuse & Legal Complaints

    Prior to filing a legal complaint or abuse report of any nature , please reach out to us and we will respond within 2-3 business days.

    If you choose to file an abuse report or file a legal complaint with PureLocal , you’ll want to select the the appropriate category for your report on the reporting form which will be emailed to you upon request. Please provide a high level of detail in the description of the content, the exact steps needed to access the content, and the location of the content on the PureLocal page. For reports of a sensitive nature, including nonconsensual pornography, please use the “general” option. We only review reports of URLs resolving to PureLocal IPs at not of those related to CDN's or other pass through proxies.

    Physical mail is addressed to :

    Attn: Legal Department (Donahue/Manning)
    Address : 3575 Cahuenga Blvd. West , Suite 330 , Los Angeles , CA 90068

    Business Listings

    Active business accounts include one primary profile page , one review page , one contact page , respective business category inclusion and the unlimited publication of article , photo , product & property posts all of which reference your official website , social pages , business details etc. Listing benefits include - Search Engine Optimisation. No advertisements. Custom background. Social widgets. Trust Badge. Customer lead generation. Higher ranking in category pages. Map directions. Unlimited review invitations , online reputation management and access to new or updated features. Click here to activate your business listing on Australia's Business Directory and publish unlimited content. Inactive accounts are revoked within 3 business days.

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Australia's Business Directory is a Satisfied Customers Program (SCP) member. Positive reviews , complaints and testimonials will be published on the business directory following review or arbitration if required. Please do not review 'Australia's Business Directory' if you've received , or have been offered , a reward for writing this review. Do not write a review if you are associated with the owner or employees of this business.

Australian business directory members who receive an unfavourable review are given the opportunity to respond to the customer who posted the review before it is published. We know that slanderous and unfounded reviews are common place on the web so we have allowed "Australia's Business Directory" the tools to arbitrate and contact the reviewer in order to resolve outstanding complaints or disputes. We have found that this achieves a far better outcome for both the reviewed business and their customer in the longterm. Fake reviews will be removed according to our policies and guidelines.

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