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Relocation is not a easy job, you need help from the professionals to make the move successful. CBD Movers Brisbane is the first choice of local customers looking for removal services in budget rates. Backed by team of highly skilled removalists, we have the reputation of the most trusted moving company

  • CBD Movers Brisbane - Removalists In Brisbane
  • CBD Movers Brisbane - Removalists In Brisbane
  • CBD Movers Brisbane - Removalists In Brisbane

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They are not good people.

Tried to charge me for storing their stuff overnight because they where 7 hours late delivering it. They stood around chatting for an hour once they arrived. When I complained and asked them to unload the truck, they said they would charge me double or keep my stuff if I didn't pay. They can't be allowed to scam people like this. Their quotes are a lie and they do everything in there power to charge you for their mistakes. - Review Posted By Shane On Thursday, Dec 07, 2023.

Review Verified Thursday, Dec 07, 2023

DO NOT USE CBD MOVERS - Awful service, Awful Removalist and Awful Ill-mannered Subcontractors

This removalist (CBD MOVERS) outsources all of their work to independent contractors or subcontractors. The subcontractors team leader is really rude, and had very poor, ill-mannered attitudes.  They actually don't care to keep the project or satisfy the client because they are only subcontractors. They also don't care if the real firm completes the work successfully or receives a favourable evaluation. These Indian subcontractors cancelled or cancelled the job immediately, without even starting it, because they didn't want to respond to my questions or were offended by my concerns about their inefficiency by trying to prolong the hours so they can charge more.  They are also charging me separate fees other than the original quote that I was given by the business. . I should have check their reviews first before employing this removalist. DEAL WITH ANOTHER REMOVALIST THAN THIS CBD MOVERS!  Awful service, Awful Removalist and Awful Ill-mannered Subcontractors - Review Posted By lANI On Monday, Sep 25, 2023.

Review Verified Monday, Sep 25, 2023


There is no customer service with this lot!! Was told I would receive a phone call 30 minutes prior to arrival ... didn't get a phone call. Turned up 1hr late ... excuse "issue with truck"! Not by problem, could have called me to let me know that they would be late! Very poor English. Truck had no markings and no one had a uniform on ... could have been anyone. Tried to receive a refund because it was their fault, after all, for being late. Was "on hold for a long time". Nope, no refund!! Weren't very gentle with my stuff and I supplied several old towels to protect my belongings. I was all packed and ready to get going. If you have the time to watch of these people like I was able to, if you hire them that is, watch them like a hawk. NEVER AGAIN!! - Review Posted By Raeann On Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022.

Review Verified Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Appalling company, careless and incompetent movers

DON'T DEAL WITH THESE SHONKS!I was moving a small 3 room office in Spring Hill with a moderate amount of furniture. First of all, they said they couldn't find a park (despite there being two loading zones less than 50m away) and drove off so the move was postponed a day and they returned with a smaller truck the next day. They were slow, had no platform trolley or stair trolley. It took over 8 hours to complete the removal and they were clearly not professional removalists. They wouldn't move PC monitors despite agreeing to the list of items I sent in advance which included monitors.Worse still, they were incompetent and careless and damaged several pieces including an expensive desk suite, a cabinet and a fridge top. The estimated damage is almost $3k. They wanted me to pay on the spot and I refused. I have asked for insurance claim forms and they have so far failed to provide them but they keep harassing me for payment.  Zero stars and I'd give less if I could. - Review Posted By Bruce Bedwell On Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022.

Review Verified Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022

Horrible service, unprofessional workers.

My first drivers didn't know how to park the truck, I was ignored and they were rude to me. I had to argue with their call centre to get them to send someone else, waited 5 hours for a different set of movers. I had started packing my fish tanks, waiting hours caused issues with my fishtank that ended up killing my 5yo catfish. They broke a fishtank and their "evidence" that they didn't do it was that the mover denied breaking anything.They didn't take the cost of my deposit off the final total and tried to charge me for things that were supposed to be waived that I had already discussed with the call centre.I never got reimbursed for the breakage or being over charged after being run in circles by their customer support for months, being ignored for weeks on end every step of the way and having to follow-up email. It's only until I got online to leave a bad review did I see the hundreds and hundreds of similar stories about being given the runaround and never reimbursing for damages. - Review Posted By Jasmin On Sunday, May 08, 2022.

Review Verified Sunday, May 08, 2022

Very Professional

The guys were absolutely amazing and polite and professional. They didn’t waste a second and helped me a lot, I definitely recommend cbd movers. Thank you again for the help - Review Posted By Marcus On Thursday, Apr 08, 2021.

Review Verified Thursday, Apr 08, 2021

Best Movers

Best & most professional moving service all over Australia. They came on time and completed the job very quickly. Would recommend all. - Review Posted By Trev Singh On Friday, Mar 26, 2021.

Review Verified Friday, Mar 26, 2021

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