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Hairdressers & Barbershops In Chippendale

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Hairdressers & Barbershops in Chippendale. Stanley & Co Hair offers the best hairstylist & haircut services that suits your personal style. Think no more, get a healthy makeover to your hair and look now. Book your appointment online now! Based in Chippendale NSW, we are specialized in haircuts and styles that are cutting edge. For & hair treatment, call our hair salon and book an expert hair stylist now. Stanley & Co Hair is a based in Chippendale.
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Hairdressers & Barbershops in Chippendale. Rumbie & Co. specialises in wavy, curly, and afro hair. Our curly hair specialists can help you get rid of frizzy hair, detangle curls painlessly, define your curls, explore curly hair versatility, and get control and predictable curls. On top of curly hair maintancance, we will also guide and supply you with hydrating curly hair products and curly hair accessories. We are here to simplify curls and help you embrace your curls.