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Energetics Institute stands as a beacon of compassionate care and therapeutic expertise in Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia. As a cherished family-owned and operated establishment, we extend our services to individuals, couples, families, and groups grappling with various life challenges, whether personal, relational, familial, or occupational. Our mission revolves around delivering an ethical, professional, and confidential psychotherapy and counseling experience marked by empathy, respect, and efficacy.

Nestled within the heart of our practice is an ambiance of warmth, inclusivity, and relaxation. Helming the helm are Richard Boyd and Helena Boyd, a devoted husband-and-wife duo who share a profound dedication to the field of Body Psychotherapy. With nearly two decades of marriage and a shared passion for psychology, healing arts, and spirituality, Richard and Helena bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to their practice.

Richard's journey saw him excel in the realms of IT and Business Transformation Consulting during his formative years, while Helena honed her skills as a Software Engineer across Ireland and Australia. The genesis of the Energetics Institute stems from their mutual fascination with Body Psychotherapy, culminating in the establishment of a therapeutic haven where mind, body, and spirit find harmonious integration.

At the core of our offerings lies a unique blend of therapeutic modalities, encompassing Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Body Psychotherapy—a distinctive approach that transcends conventional talk therapy. By delving into the intricate interplay of mind, body, and emotions, we unearth pathways to healing for conditions ranging from Depression and Anxiety to PTSD, Trauma, Anger, and Relationship issues.

Our commitment to holistic wellness extends beyond symptom management to address the root causes of physical ailments and emotional distress. Through a journey of self-discovery and transformation, clients discover newfound freedom within their bodies and psyches, paving the way for sustained growth, happiness, and vitality.

Located within the tranquil confines of our century-old Federation architecture residence, aptly named "Lisdoonvarna," our therapy room exudes an aura of serenity and aesthetic charm. Every element within this sacred space is meticulously curated to foster healing, from the soothing color palette to the symbolic furnishings that speak to the subconscious mind.

Conveniently situated just 7km north of Perth's city center, our practice offers easy accessibility via public transportation and ample parking facilities. Whether you're embarking on a journey of self-exploration or seeking relief from life's challenges, Energetics Institute welcomes you with open arms.

Experience the transformative power of holistic therapy at Energetics Institute, where healing begins from within.

  • Energetics Institute Counselling - Counselling & Mental Health In Inglewood
  • Energetics Institute Counselling - Counselling & Mental Health In Inglewood
  • Energetics Institute Counselling - Counselling & Mental Health In Inglewood
  • Energetics Institute Counselling - Counselling & Mental Health In Inglewood
  • Energetics Institute Counselling - Counselling & Mental Health In Inglewood

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Energetics Institute Review

I trust both Helena and Richard. Having come across many "sharks" in the industry, I can vouch that these are two genuine people with a fabulous passion to aid you in filling your toolkit so that you can develop and heal. I have known them for over ten years now and keep defaulting back to their business when I return to Western Australia. Helena provides a gentle, empathetic approach, and is super aware of how to manage anxious energy and remain accountable to her clients in terms of sending them on their way focused and grounded. Richard is fabulous to connect with and I just love his business acumen and ability to use metaphors in helping you to realise what's goign on for you. Intellegent and experienced, I find Richard to be a fabulous mentor. He helps give you direction whilst Helena helps you safely open up. I recommend seeing either practitioner. - Review Posted By Samara Falcon On Saturday, Feb 24, 2024.

Review Verified Saturday, Feb 24, 2024

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