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At our core, we pride ourselves on being HACCP Certified Gluten Free Wholesalers, upholding the most stringent standards in food safety across Australia. Within our state-of-the-art Food Safe Facility, we meticulously guarantee the purity and integrity of our products, ensuring an unwavering commitment to 100% gluten-free offerings.

Our expertise lies in curating an unparalleled selection of premium gluten-free flours, nutrient-rich meals, wholesome seeds, and an array of superfoods sourced not only from Australia but also from global origins. This dedication allows us to cater to the discerning needs of the food service, retail, and manufacturing industries, providing them with top-notch, quality ingredients that meet and exceed expectations.

We understand the significance of delivering a genuine gluten-free experience to our clientele. As such, our promise begins with meticulous sourcing, stringent quality control measures, and an unwavering dedication to maintaining a gluten-free environment. By choosing us, you're not just acquiring products; you're investing in a commitment to excellence and reliability, ensuring that the end consumers enjoy a consistently safe and gluten-free culinary journey.

From farm to table, we prioritize the integrity and purity of our offerings, ensuring that each ingredient meets the highest standards before reaching your kitchen. Trust us to be your partners in elevating the quality and safety of your products, setting the benchmark for an authentic gluten-free experience that exceeds all expectations.

  • Gluten Free Wholesalers Australia - Food & Drink In Varsity Lakes
  • Gluten Free Wholesalers Australia - Food & Drink In Varsity Lakes
  • Gluten Free Wholesalers Australia - Food & Drink In Varsity Lakes

HACCP Certified, 100% Gluten Free Food Safe Facility

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Gluten Free Wholesalers Review

As a gluten free baker in WA it can be very difficult to find high quality, uncontaminated, affordable ingredients. So I am so very glad I found the folks at Gluten Free Wholesalers. They are a pleasure to deal with and went out of their way to help me sort out my deliveries. I can't recommend their flours enough too, great quality and easy to work with (definitely some of the nicest super fine rice flour I've worked with!). Highly recommend. - Review Posted By Stacey Dadd On Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023.

Review Verified Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023

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