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Josh Smith Legal Barristers & Solicitors is a highly experienced law firm located in Melbourne. With a strong focus on providing exceptional legal services, we offer a diverse range of practice areas to cater to our clients' needs. Our team of skilled lawyers specializes in corporate and business law, real estate law, intellectual property law, employment law, and litigation services, among others.

As a leading criminal defense firm in Melbourne, we are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of criminal law developments and legal strategies. Our esteemed team of criminal defense specialists is committed to protecting the rights of our clients in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

One of our core areas of expertise is criminal defense. Our highly skilled defense lawyers leverage their extensive knowledge and experience to provide outstanding representation to clients facing criminal charges. We approach each case with diligence, aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Additionally, we have a compassionate and dedicated domestic violence practice. Our lawyers provide unwavering support to both victims and individuals accused of domestic violence. We prioritize the protection of our clients' rights and work tirelessly to ensure fair and just resolutions.

For those facing drug-related driving offenses, our expert drug driving lawyers are here to assist. We understand the complexities of these cases and employ strategic approaches to advocate for our clients' best interests. Our goal is to help clients navigate the legal system and achieve favorable results.

Furthermore, we have a wealth of experience in handling intervention orders and a wide range of legal matters. Our knowledgeable legal professionals possess the skills and expertise necessary to effectively represent clients in these sensitive situations.

If you require legal assistance or wish to learn more about our services, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team is ready to provide personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific legal needs.

  • Josh Smith Legal - Barristers & Solicitors - Lawyers In Melbourne
  • Josh Smith Legal - Barristers & Solicitors - Lawyers In Melbourne
  • Josh Smith Legal - Barristers & Solicitors - Lawyers In Melbourne

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